Diana Krieger

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Diana Krieger
Branche: Business & Tech
Company Name: Savision
Availability: Long term business coach / mentor
After studying economics and NIMA C, I started working for the Dormael group (fashion), then Wella and Procter & Gamble (hair cosmetics) and in my last job as an employee I was general manager at Monsterboard (online recruitment).
Then I started my entrepreneurial career; through a management buy-in I came to software company Savision, I also started investing and building with Soverin (private email), Buzzerbase (IoT), Cafedeco (marketplace) and M3 (SaaS solution for the prevention of burn out).

I am also active in TheNextWomen Crowd Fund in the investment committee, board member at the Dutch Start Up Association and mentor at NLgroeit. I prefer to work with entrepreneurs who, just like me, are a bit pleasantly disturbed, passionate and professional. Besides my business activities,
I am involved with my family with two boys and kickboxing me.
Tips & Tricks
> Just do it. Making plans is important, getting started is even more important.
> No failure, no success.
> Choose your mentor as you would with a friend; mutual respect, trust and both 'get and bring' something in the relationship / cooperation
> Collect strong people around you, people who are better than yourself in sub-areas.
> An enterprise and / or solution does not always have to be 'disruptive' in order to build a beautiful, sustainable company.
> Growing on your own strength is more instructive and difficult, than getting funding right away.
What holds the future
Helping companies grow, with an eye for people, the market, innovation, technology and positive impact.
My strengths
No nonsense, all round, generalist & specialist, international experience, funding, scaling up (people, tech, business and organization), making complex matters simple again.
My motto
Just do it!