Annemieke Roobeek

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Annemieke Roobeek
Branche: Strategy & Transformation
Company Name: MeetingMoreMinds
Availability: 4 Conversations a year concering crucial funding decisions.
SDG-inspired, Innovative, creative conceptualizer with drive to make the world and businesses better. Hands-on experience in strategic processes. Experienced commissioner at 15+ corporates. Listening and advisory ear for entrepreneurs with spirit and passion for a bigger good. Not interested in personal enrichment, but in companies as vehicles for change.
Tips & Tricks
Think carefully, talk to others and immediately try to act in networks from partnerships.
What holds the future
To give concrete shape to a circular economy and a healthy society where inclusiveness the new is normal.
My strengths
Authentic, innovative, analytical, research-driven, scenario thinking, not afraid of complexity, system thinking.