Anne de Jongh

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Anne de Jongh
Branche: Ecommerce & Sales
Company Name: Direct Design | fonQ | Cafedeco
Availability: A combination of a one-time cup of coffee and longterm coaching/mentoring
My former company Direct Design, one of the very first design furniture stores, was acquired by fonQ. With the growth of Direct Design and fonQ I've experienced the power of connection. The combination of knowledge, network and experience with mediation, opportunity and reach combined with the right people is the formula for success.

As CEO of Cafedeco I, again, believe in the power of connections.
On one hand to connect interiorspecialists with retail and the consumer.
On the other hand to connect our partners, team and investors.
Tips & Tricks
Believe in yourself, be open to input and critique. And FOCUS!
What holds the future
Sharing mu knowledge and experience with other entrepreneurs and companies. And with Cafedeco: take the interiorbranche to the next level with consumer inspiration, advice and buying options all in one place.
My strengths
Spot opportunities.
Efficiency & solution oriented thinking are part of my DNA.