Angelique Slob

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Angelique Slob
Branche: Leadership & Organisation
Company Name: Hello Monday
Availability: I offer a one time founders session where we do a “deep dive” in the theme that is important, for example uncovering core values or getting clarity on the organisational design. For implementation, i usually work with 6 months programs. Next to that I offer a monthly coaching where I am your sparring partner for all related to people, culture and organisation.
I have a bachelor degree in HR and a masters degree in organisational sociology and I have 20 years of experience in HR and Organisational change. I have worked in senior positions in multinationals as an Interim manager for over 10 years, till I decided that i wanted to leave the corporate world and explore other ways people organise themselves and the Future of Work. My journey lead me across the world and exploring remote work and startup cultures.

In 2018, I founded my own consultancy business supporting future minded founders and leaders with building thriving 21st century organisations. I am specialised in the Future of work and I help you to translate your strategy, vision and preferred working style to the most successful organisational design and help you implement it too. I am a networked organisation and I have a specialist in all fields. My team and myself can help you with all related to People, Organisation and Culture.
Tips & Tricks
What kind of organisation do you need to build to realise your companies goals? Your organisation is your vehicle to bring you where you want to be, and designing and building it can never be an after thought but should be your top priority. It should be effective for where you are now, but also for the future.

Think about the company you always dreamt of. What does it look like? What can you do to build it?

Start with why: identify your higher purpose and how your business makes an impact in the world. Also, identify your core values and integrate them in all layers of your organisation. That way, you build a highly motivated and inspired team and your ideal clients will be drawn to you.

My strengths
With a lot of experience and being intuitive, I can best describe my role as a “guide” - I inspire and help my clients to get clarity but I also show them the way to reach their goals. With my project management skills I am perfectly capable of managing and implementing your unique organisational design. I am a connector and I have a huge international network across many industries and a variety of different kind of people.