Alexander Ribbink

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Alexander Ribbink
Branche: Tech & Funding
Company Name: Keen Venture Partners
Availability: Both for coffee and if deemed useful, longer term
A. met some great people, learnt great commercial skills, travelled and worked the world and all about corporate patience whilst at Unilever and Mars
B. decided to leave the non-innovative world of fmcg and supermarkets and be humbled by tech, to work with my friends - founders of tomtom - and together made the company grow exponentially including ipo etc and reach tens of millions of car drivers!
C. changed professional track, but not technology, to become a tech venture capitalist: supporting scale-up entrepreneurs who have ambition, vision and some traction.
D. all the while involved in various ngo’s, non-profit boards etc
What holds the future
Kick ass with Keen Venture Partners.
My strengths
Opinionated, solid sense of humour and real experience in growing companies and investing in them