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As an entrepreneur you don't always have all the answers, and that's ok!
That's why we offer you the opportunity to sit down and spar with a wide range of experienced entrepreneurs, professionals & investors.
All our experts have been there, done that and they are here to help you with your personal development by sharing their tips & tricks with you.
If you are a female founder looking for feedback & advice, then TheNextWomen can match you to the right people to help you.
All you have to do is become a member of our network.

If you would first like to receive some extra information or you're not quit sure if we have the expert for you?
Send an email to: rixt@thenextwomen.com

Want to share your own tips & tricks with our network? Apply as an expert!

Get the expertise you need to grow
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1. Become a member of TheNextWomen Network
2. Request a match with one of our experts
3. Looking for another expertise? Send an email to rixt@thenextwomen.com and we'll match you with the right expert
4. Yes, it's a match!
5. Meet for a cup of coffee or plan a phone call
6. Follow-up? You and the expert discuss next steps (and possible payment structures)