Our mission is two-fold:
sharing the expertise of our network and provide feedback to take the next step

For ambitious women it's important to receive feedback and coaching. The network of TheNextWomen has a great number of experienced entrepreneurs, professionals and investors, all willing to share their knowledge. Ready to help you take the next step in your career or with your company.

During our Coaching Hours we give you the change to sit down for a 30-minute talk with one of our great experts. They can help you find the answer to your most pressing questions on topics of marketing - finance - legal - recruitment - strategy - it, so that afterwards you can make real progression.
Our goal is to help you and your company succeed. The network of TheNextWomen is here to help and support you in reaching your ambitions.
That's why, next to our Coaching Hours we offer on demand matchmaking. If you're struggeling with any urgent business questions? As our member you can always reach out to us at for a quick consultation on your problem. We will then dive into our database and match you with the right people to help you get feedback and answers.

When can you request a match (examples):

> When you are struggling with your pitch deck
> When you are thinking of taking your company international, but you have no clue how
> When you are looking for investment
> When you deciding between going B2B or B2C and would love some input
> When you would like to talk to experienced people from the same industry
> When you need legal advice

And any other business and/or network related question. Send an email to and we will be in touch with you within 24 hours.
Membership allows you to take the next step in your personal career.

Learn More About Our Membership
  • 1. Reach out to us with your question

    Send an email to
  • 2. We'll plan a short phonecall

    Together we determine your question / problem.
  • 3. We'll dive into our database

    Within our database of over 10.000 contacts we select the most relevant experts for you.
  • 4. Send you our selection

    To be sure we're not doing double work or reaching out to your friends or enemies, we double check our selected experts.
  • 5. Contact the expert

    If all is well, we are emailing the experts with your question and ask them to have a call and/or cup of coffee with you.
  • 6. What's next?

    Any business coming from these connections is up to the two of you. Whether it's free or paid.
    New question? Well, send us a new email!

The importance of the right connection

By mentoring - coaching - sparring with experienced entrepreneurs, investors and professionals, you are able to take your company to the next level. The experts in our database are here to help you with your business developement, marketing / sales questions, strategy, finance & funding and so much more. For female entrepreneurs that are looking for that extra bit of support, we have a network of great experts to support you. All you need to do is become a member. Are you an experienced entrepreneurs, investor, professional yourself and looking for a network of female entrepreneurs to share your knowledge with? Then sign up as one of our PLATINUM members and become an expert!
Membership allows you to take the next step in your personal career.

Learn More About Our Membership

Mirjam Terhorst


Els van Mierop

Strategy & Tech

Karin Stoevenbeld

Social Media Marketing

Paulien Rengers

Business Development

Diana Krieger

IT & Marketing

Gerard Werkhoven

Strategy & HR

Lisette Tol

Business Development

Yasemin Tumer

Funding & Strategy

Marijke Paaijmans


Marja Ruigrok

Marketing & Strategy