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Based in London, Lisa Benson started her career as an actress touring with theatre companies, performing in documentaries, commercials, films and music videos. Whilst becoming disillusioned with the temp jobs in-between acting jobs and waiting for the phone to ring Lisa decided to create her own business Digital Surgeon.

Noticing the shift away from traditional marketing methods in her time at a high-end interiors PR Agency, she focussed on learning about the potential of using Social Media for growing small businesses. After successfully implementing brand new digital strategies to augment her clients' traditional PR campaigns, Lisa decided to learn how these services work and decided to offer them as a separate business. Lisa's team of web developers, designers and online marketing experts teach, empower and support small to medium sized businesses (or SMEs) to leverage social media.  Enabling them to spread the word about their brand, build a loyal following of advocates, offer timely and personable customer support as well as increasing sales and ROI. 


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