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Jo Goodson started her career in and around the software industry in 1999 when she joined Broderbund as their second European employee and grew revenues from £0 to £12m in three years. She then went on to co-found MediaGold, which, with further offices and bases in France, Italy, Spain and Germany, created an entity that gave US software publishers access to the European market place. She sold that business to Avanquest in 2003 following years of solid growth and profitability. 

During 2005 and 2006, Jo acted as interim COO for Julie Meyer at investment and advisory firm Ariadne Capital.

Since then Jo has advised and invested in a wide range of companies in and around software space including Ariadne Capital, an investment and advisory firm; Indigo Pearl, a games industry PR company;  Mediatonic and Playmob. She is also a Non-Executive Director of Six to Start  who recently released the highly successful iphone app. Zombies, Run!

Jo has recently launched Any Friend of Ours: an online private membership community for second home owners looking to rent their properties within a closed, trusted network.


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