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Whilst studying the International Baccalaureate, Anisah realised that University was not right for her and decided she wanted to work for herself. She went travelling in India and East Africa for five months in order to get her head straight and returned home with a newly found optimism and tonnes of business ideas.

It upset her to hear so many of her friends, all of them students, complaining about money and the lack of jobs. That, along with her parents having always used her friends to help with jobs ranging from leafleting to putting up a shed in return for a bit of pocket money (or her mother’s dinners!), gave birth to the idea of

Anisah has lived in the UK, Spain and India and has attended 12 schools in her life. She truly believes that this made her the best possible person she could be as it seeded in her a desire to learn about cultures, people and academia and a love for travelling. It also gave her an ambition to strive to be the best wherever she was. She is a strong believer in good relationships between generations being central to a successful society.


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