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Alyssa Jade McDonald-Bärtl is a 3rd generation social entrepreneur, but the path to evolving a Change Maker wasn’t so easy as she spent a decade in giant corporations working for profit and became seriously ill with stomach tumours. She gave it all up to start a social enterprise in Ecuador to re-invent how we know chocolate as her example of how food systems could be better and how nutrition can be gastronomy delights as well as health-ful.

She became the Change she wanted to see in the world and can show you how to do it as well, with her real-world examples and struggle between corporate and social enterprise work. Her passion is to equip and empower people to become Change Makers themselves, that means to make the influence they want to see, rather than “waiting for someone else to do it”.

Lyss regularly speaks at events in business and corporate responsibility, from the Middle East to Europe to India. She has been a regular writer for business portals, trend magazines, while carving out chocolate expertise. Lyss created single bean virgin chocolate, which has been labeled by culinary chefs and sommeliers from Europe to the Gulf as “the most pure chocolate in the world”. As you travel along with her too, you will come to know this yourself.

Experts recommend her chocolate because of two key reasons: she works with ~ 450 families on 2 sustainable plantations in Ecuador to grow and love authentic genetic Arriba Nacionale cacao trees (very rare trees!) and then carefully pluck them to be sun-dried and cold-ground for molecular integrity. This means, that with very low heat and a pure organic species, the aroma and taste of the cacao is maintained by a very long and loved handwork.

This chocolate is her proof-point for better standards of manufacturing in nutrition where she actively lobbies to influence diplomatics and ‘Quality of Life’ measures from the Arabic peninsula to South America.

Lyss is also responsible for in Munich which collects and sanitises used laptops and sends them to farmers and schools around the world with education software on board ready to learn.

She lives between the Indian, Atlantic and Pacific oceans. 



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