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Connecting excellent knowledge with ambitious entrepreneurship

Matching the top universities of the Netherlands with the community of TheNextWomen. Science and entrepreneurship aren't naturally a match made in heaven. As a scientist you have to:
do research, rapport your findings, publish your results, teach the next generation, patent your discovery and when you've done all the above how do you start a successful business? By connecting the academic world with the entrepreneurial world of TheNextWomen we aim to stimulate a transfer between knowledge and know-how.

Academic knowledge and an entrepreneurial mindset make great companies. However, not every academic is born with this mindset. And in the academic world there's not always room to develop it. You're working on your research, teaching new students, publishing your findings and then you have to commercialize them, when? In your sleep? How do you even build a business out of an idea? Let alone out of a research?
During the Science Stories, TheNextWomen connects her network of female founders and investors to the academic world. For every series we team up with another Dutch University. We've hosted the Stories at Leiden University, Erasmus University and the University of Utrecht. Next up will be the Rijks University Groningen. Join us for an afternoon of insight, knowledge and suprising research.






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