Pitch Competition Winners 2016

During The Innovation Summit three finalists pitched on stage for grand prizes of the pitch competition. These start-ups are the winners.


Plugify – Eline Leijten

Plugify is the online market place for watching, listening and booking of live music. If you want a band, a DJ or a singer: Plugify makes it very easy to book your performance. It is the booking.com for live music!

This is how it works. Users get to discover unique artists. Performance prices and requirements are always visible at a glance. Our messaging system facilitates personal contact between the booker and the artist. After they agree upon the details of the performance, both the booking and payment can be completed online. If technical equipment is required for the performance to take place, the booker can rent that too (if it isn’t there yet, of course). Plugify stands for clarity: there are no hidden costs, ever. After the performance has taken place, both parties rate each other.


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Wound-ex – Hefziba ten Brink

Wound-ex possesses the first synthetic material that behaves like human skin. Wound-ex’s mission is to treat serious burns and chronical wound, ease pain and reduce scarring. Current treatments do not do this enough. Wound can be open for months, or even years and cause a lot of pain and infections.

How does the product work?

  • Apply: The product is fluid when it is cold. It will become a solid gel when it is warmed by the skin and covers the whole wound. This will prevent infections and will reduce pain.
  • Heal: The gel behaves like skin and heals the wound.
  • Remove: The product can be removed with water so the new formed skin will be intact. The wound can be examined and the gel can be applied again.



Voiila – Yvonne Eshuis

It is difficult and time-consuming for customers to find the right local professional. Price and quality are important concerns but comparing professional is a hassle. Also it’s not easy to know which professional to trust, especially if word of mouth referral is not available.

At the same time finding customers can be hard, especially when you are new in business as a professional. Online marketing is complex and expensive, yet more and more customers search online. Also it is challenging to demonstrate the quality of your services online.

With Voiila we take this inconvenience for customers away & help professionals get new business. Voiila is a marketplace for services where customers find & hire the right local professional, such as a photographer, gardener, caterer, personal trainer or painter. At the same time we help these professionals get new customers.


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