28th September 2016

Startup Diaries: Brainwave to Business!

Sona Ramani explains the important things to consider when setting up a new business and the potential difficulties and pitfalls that can occur when balancing all the key elements. […]
26th September 2016

Startup Diaries: Breaking Down Stereotypes

Alycia Hawkins, Co-Founder of online marketing company Digital Hawkins shares with TheNextWomen the stereotypes she faced in starting a business as a young woman and working with […]
23rd September 2016

How I Got On TEDx And How You Can Too!

Skyler McCurine talks to TheNextWomen about her incredible experience speaking at a TEDx event and her journey to the stage. Something phenomenal happened to me. I […]
22nd September 2016

Sue Chen, Founder & CEO, Nova Medical Products: They Told Me I Wouldn’t Be Here If I Had a Brother

Sue Chen founded Nova Medical Products in 1993 when she was just 23 years old with a strong vision, offer stylish designs and choices to people using mobility […]
20th September 2016

Startup Diaries: Shaking Perceptions Of What It Takes To Succeed In Science

Nikki Yates, former nurse and now General Manager of GSK’s UK business, explains to TheNextWomen why showcasing creativity and collaboration is the key to attracting ambitious young women into […]
16th September 2016

Startup Diaries: An Unconventional Change of Direction

Susanna Scouller talks to TheNextWomen about how her change of career direction came about in a rather unconventional way. At some point in our lives, we all […]
15th September 2016

Can Business Create Peace?

Nath Fedorova spoke to Barb Stegemann, inspirational speaker and founder of The 7 Virtues Beauty Inc., about the story behind her company, and its mission for […]
14th September 2016

Startup Diaries: Top Tips For A Successful Start-up

Anna Bance shares with TheNextWomen her top tips for a successful start-up, drawing on her experiences of co-founding, a disruptive eCommerce business which provides millions of women the […]
13th September 2016

Startup Diaries: Top Tips For Efficiency When Working From Home

Sandra Schuler shares with TheNextWomen her top tips for creating an efficient and productive office environment when working from home, drawing on her experiences of the choices she made […]
12th September 2016

Michelle Madhok, Founder & CEO SheFinds Media: Ask For Forgiveness Rather Than Permission

TheNextWomen DWEN Interview Series features Michelle Madhok, Founder, CEO & Chief Editor at SheFinds Media, which publishes, and Distributed via e-mail and blogs, these online publications […]