30th August 2017

Why We Need Continuing Education

Why We Need Continuing Education   It may feel like well-trodden ground, but the fact remains true: Women aren’t equal to men in the workplace. The […]
24th August 2017

Content by Location: Offer Unique User Experiences

Content by Location: Offer Unique User Experiences I’ve always loved maps. They are filled with data, but sometimes that data is dull to read or sort […]
4th February 2017

How Mobile-Scannable Product Passports Will End Counterfeits

TheNextWomen interviews Catherine Bouthiaux, a French entrepreneur whose long-term passion to fight counterfeit goods drove her to create the Product Passport which is changing the way […]
5th January 2017

What Women Gain From MBAs

It shouldn’t be a surprise that additional education and training impacts a worker’s career prospects, and it shouldn’t be a surprise to women that the impact […]
5th January 2017

Top degrees for women in the workforce

If you’re thinking about branching out into your own business in the coming year, or want to try and land a promotion or transition into a […]
28th November 2016

StartUp Diaries: From Big Corporate To Going it Alone

Kirstie White shares her journey and the lessons she has learned from the major corporate world to following her childhood dream of becoming her own boss. The first […]
25th November 2016

Startup Diaries: Breaking Out Of The Comfort Zone

Patricia Baronowski-Schneider, President and Founder of Pristine Advisers, talks to TheNextWomen about leaving a secure job and taking a leap into the unknown. Staring up my business was a […]
24th November 2016

Startup Diaries: My Ultimate Sacrifice To Pursue Purpose And Passion

Rachelle Smith, Entrepreneur and Founder of Positive Creative Infusion Consulting LLC. Rachelle Smith chose to leave a successful career in the Biotechnology industry in order to start up […]
18th November 2016

Startup Diaries: Clocking Up Your Time

Founded by husband and wife team Paul and Lorraine White, The Hashtag emblem represents strength, confidence and individualism. Here, Lorraine offers further insight into the lessons […]
17th November 2016

Startup Diaries: From Farm Life to Glam Life

SkinYoga is the brainchild of sister-trio: Radhika, Jagriti and Deepika. They were born in West Bengal in India and grew up in a 20-acre farm in Gujarat where […]
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