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Dr Julie Barnes

Nationality: British
Location: London, UK

Company details

Director Somaxa

Dr Julie Barnes is CEO of Abcodia Ltd, an innovative company engaged in the validation and discovery of biomarkers for the early detection and screening of disease. Abcodia swept the boards at the UK’s 2012 Startups Awards, winning the Innovative Business of the Year Award, The Angel or VC-Backed Business of the Year Award and the prestigious Natwest Startups Business of the Year Award, whilst Julie was also awarded the Startups Businesswomen of the Year Award.

Julie has over 20 years experience of the Pharmaceutical and Biotechnology industry, including 15 years experience of early R&D with GlaxoSmithKline. More recently Julie was director and Chief Scientific Officer at BioWisdom, a healthcare technology company.

Her mix of scientific and commercial experience in large pharmaceutical and small start-ups and academic network brings a strong understanding of what is required to successfully lead Abcodia as an ethical and collaborative organisation.