Yann Mauchamp

Nationality: French

Fast facts

■CEO of MutualBenefits.net
■Yann has personally advised more than 50 start-up founding and management teams or their boards
■Founded 5 businesses and sold 3
■Invested in 10 companies
■He is a mentor for Seedcamp and a member of the European board of Astia.org
■Offers business coaching to ambitious disruptors of all kinds!


    Sales and business development Monetisation Leadership and management International business development HR and recruitment Fundraising and pitching Business planning Becoming an investor


Located in Paris, France, Yann is the founding CEO of MutualBenefits.net, the business performance advisory network focused on sustainable growth, including international business development, headhunting strategy and innovation management for investors and entrepreneurs. 

Yann advises entrepreneurs and their investors regarding high-level strategy, portfolio management and growth development and management (deal sourcing, deal scouting, due diligence, exit strategies).

Since he created MutualBenefits.net, Yann has personally advised more than 50 startup founding and management teams or their boards. Because he is highly selective about the companies he agrees to work with, most of the companies Yann has advised have outpaced their competition on metrics such as velocity, scalability, year-on-year growth, profitability and successful exits.

Recognizing the need to support entrepreneurship in Europe, Yann is a mentor for Seedcamp, a member of the European board of Astia.org, and a board member and board advisor for several Internet startups. He maintains an active group of network partners, ranging from industry experts to M&A specialists and repeat entrepreneurs. 

In his spare time, Yann enjoys the company of artists and disrupters of all kinds, to whom he offers business coaching.

Between 2011 and early 2013, he served as the strategic advisor and coordinator of the International Venture Club (iventureclub.com), gathering 30+ leading investors from corporate, independent and government entities to boost investment performance and innovation.

Yann holds a Master of International Affairs Management and a Master in Communication from Paris VIII University.

Yann is a frequent public speaker sharing his experience as an entrepreneur, building or advising hypergrowth companies for 20 years.