Ashley Ward

CEO and Owner
Foxward Zaboura and Ashley Ward & Friends
Nationality: British
Location: London, UK

Fast facts

■CEO at Foxward Zaboura
■Owner of Ashley Ward & Friends
■Coach, mentor and people performance innovator
■Founded 2 businesses, invested in 9
■7 times CEO
■Raised funds totalling £250,000,000
■Involved in over 20 M&A transactions
■Former professional racing driver


    Sales and business development Marketing and PR Leadership and management International business development HR and recruitment Fundraising and pitching


As a coach, mentor and people performance innovator Ashley is passionate about inspiring business leaders to make the most of their talents and their people.

As a seven times CEO over 26 years with four public offerings behind him, he has experienced extreme learning. He led the IPO of Orchestream in 2000 to its £1b market cap, and as MD of Cray Communications/Anite Networks led the turnaround and executed its sale in two parts to Cable & Wireless and Intel. Ashley has been involved in around 20 M&A transactions as CEO as well as around 20 individual VC funding deals. He is a former professional racing driver and instructor and competed at international level for 13 seasons and over 200 races. 

Specialties: In the coaching world his 'extreme mentoring' is unique and can simply change life, return sanity and delete stress. Combined with 'take care of you' and the 'treats' approach clients become 'unclutted by the unnecessary' and double or treble their energy to effectiveness ratio.