Membership Frequently Asked Questions

What are the different types of TheNextWomen Memberships?

We have three levels of membership: Start, Pro, and Circle. While all members have access to our exclusive community, higher levels of memberships offer specific exclusive benefits for different stages in your entrepreneurial journey. Joining the Start is perfect for women with no to little entrepreneurial experience to build their business (€0 to €100.000 yearly revenue); Pro programs help startups and average-experienced women boost their company to the next level (€100.000 – €1.000.000 yearly revenue); The Circle is for successful entrepreneurs, investors (i.e. TheNextWomen100), and executives to connect to the few in the top and to give back to the community (> €1.000.000 yearly revenue & international operations).


What type of women have joined TheNextWomen?

This challengers platform is for female high potentials with ambition, optimism, and persistence. As a member of TheNextWomen you will get access to all the knowledge and tools you need to boost your capital and network. Meet our members.


Do you accept applications from all countries around the world?

You are welcome to join TheNextWomen from all over the world. There might not be a chapter near you, but you can always connect to other members online. You can even start your own chapter. Interested? Please contact us.


I’m not sure if TheNextWomen is right for me. Is TheNextWomen another one of these ‘women’s clubs’?

You are more than welcome to experience TheNextWomen yourself. Some of our events are free of charge. These will show you that we focus on the strengths of female entrepreneurs and that the experience and knowledge of the women (and men) in our network will boost your business and assist you in bringing your business to the next level.


Is TheNextWomen focused on a specific sector?

We believe that ambitious and innovative female entrepreneurs are best helped by a cross-sector approach. They are strengthened to the max when connected to women who can guide them to the next level. That person might be active in the same sector, but might as well be found in a totally different field of expertise.


Is this a personal or a business membership?

You join TheNextWomen as an individual. However, if you are not available during events, a co-worker or friend can visit the events with your membership.

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