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26th August 2016
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30th August 2016

Markus Wilson, Co-Founder of London based video production company Phink TV talks to TheNextWomen about launching your brand through video.

Starting any business from scratch can be an extremely challenging process, so you need to make sure that you are switched on from the word go in order to be proactive.

Building your business image is very important as you increase your popularity and status to ensure you start off on the right foot.

Having an online video is an essential marketing tool for any business as they bring with them so many positives, such as grabbing the attention of your viewer. The average internet surfer has the attention span of 30-60 seconds before they possibly start to lose focus, so it is vital to ensure it is interesting to keep the viewer engaged.

Not every business has a corporate video but they are slowly increasing in popularity and having one can help improve your company image. With the large number of social media sites influencing our lives it would be unwise to avoid them. It is much easier to get a corporate video to go viral on YouTube to help raise your profile, rather than relying on blog hits or cold calling!


Starting Up

Startups often sit in a precarious position, as they aren’t big enough to be able to easily produce quality video content often and not small enough that low quality content can go somewhat unnoticed. That’s why any competent entrepreneur is aware of the importance of effective, engaging marketing in order to survive.

A worthwhile launch video should outline a need and explain how your product can solve this need, whilst not assuming the obvious, for instance, Don’t you just hate it when you run out of printer ink?

The video should be clever and identify how a product or service can improve the viewer’s life and as a by-product make them aware of your brand and how you can help.

The simple format of a 1-2 punch still works well. First you establish a need; the video then addresses the solution and explains how your product is the perfect solution. You must also be weary that internet users are constantly being bombarded with advertising across a number of different formats, meaning your video must stand out and be engaging.

The video will have to pull at the viewers’ emotions in order to really stand out and be spread at a desirable rate. It doesn’t matter if it is happy, sad or funny; it just needs to be unique. Amongst the concept and promoting of products it’s important not to miss the ever-so important call to action. Essentially a launch video is a subtle sales pitch, thought one without any way to convert interest, a bit of a wasted opportunity.


Oppermann and Kickstarter

Somewhere that startups are doing extremely well is a website called “Kickstarter”. Kickstarter allows startups and entrepreneurs to connect and offers a high quality platform where it is easy for startups to find entrepreneurs to bankroll their projects, without having to raise the capital themselves. It’s a crowdfunding platform that uses a landing page and some video content to inform visitors about a brand, this video content can then be shared on social networks etc.

We recently produced a video for Luxury Goods Startup Oppermann, who produce minimalist leather goods from wallets to sports bags designed in London and hand made in Italy. As a part of their growth into an online based company they required a video to explain the benefits for changing the company structure, i.e. cutting out the retailers mark up and selling direct to the consumer.

After shooting the two founders, Mattis and Niklas in their studio, as well as a product shoot, we produced some graphics to explain the model and savings. Once the video was signed off Oppermann hosted it on their free Kickstarter page, offering discounted items and the funding target of 20,000 for them to actually realize the manufacture. Within 2 weeks they sold 97 items and raised well over the goal of 20,000, giving them the perfect launch into the market with a host of hopefully returning clients!

View the video here: Oppermann KickStarter Video from Phink on Vimeo.


The end product

To the customers, a high quality and well-positioned launch video is an intriguing way to find new brands, whilst not at the mercy of the retailers.

An engaging, unique video can work wonders for your business, raising awareness of your brand and informing people why your products are the best, all whilst enticing new customers to seek out your business.

Through websites like Kickstarter and some quality video content your business can gain a vital foot holding into the market. So if you’ve been sitting on that idea or need to find a new audience, how can you risk not producing a great video and getting that message and sales growing?

Markus Wilson is Co-Founder of London based video production company Knice Creative Markus has been in marketing for the past 10 years, first with data processing company Pumasource and later starting up Phink TV in 2009. He has produced video content for the likes of Coca-Cola, Unilever and Sony Music.

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