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1st July 2016
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20th July 2016

For men a proven concept: personal shopping services. Platforms such as The Cloakroom The Cloakroom, House of Einstein en Outfittery are growing rapidly. Not so surprising, as most men do not like to shop. Women on the other hand love shopping, right? A personal shopper is made accessible for the ‘normal woman’ with the launch of B-Dressed. A business in personal shopper cannot be successful from the perspective that women love to shop. Or can it?

Start-up B-Dressed decided to test the assumption: ‘all women like to shop’ a couple of months ago. It appeared that lots of women do not like to shop and find it difficult to choose between the enormous demand both online and offline. In a short period of time B-Dressed sold over 60 boxes and sales is doubled every month. The explanation of the success can be found in the Paradox of Choice, the book of the American Psychologist Barry Schwartz:

“Learning to choose is hard. Learning to choose well is harder. And learning to choose well in a world of unlimited possibilities is harder still, perhaps too hard (Schwartz, 2004)”.

There are numerous options during shopping. In offline and online stores are millions of shirts, pants and dresses available. B-Dressed is focused on reducing the options instead of increasing them. Women that receive a B-Dressed box only receive items that are handpicked for them by a personal shopper.

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