It is our mission to increase the amount of female investors as they invest more in women-led companies than men do. This leads to our goal of more succesful female entrepreneurs. Europe has many female investors and numbers are rising, but there is still a lot of work to be done.

These women are investors through TheNextWomen Crowd Fund.


Aafke Osse

Director and founder Maak Ruimte/Founder Sisterhood in Business

Alette Bastiaansen

Managing Partner @ WeKnowPeople

Aletta Stas

Member of the Executive Board & Co-Founder of Frederique Constant S.A.

Angela van de Loo

Owner Target Point International

Annelies van de Belt

CEO of DC Thomson Family History

Annemieke Roobeek

Owner of MeetingMoreMinds

Carissa Sorko

Co founder/owner FIREFLIES

Carla Snepvangers

Director and co-owner of Niehe Media and ACE Concepts & Events

Caroline van der Lande

Founder of de Buurtboer

Corinne Heijn

Founder & President UnitedSucces

Cyrille Bastiaansen

Managing Partner @ WeKnowPeople

Diana Krieger

Investor, Entrepreneur and Strategic Business Advisor

Esther Herber

Owner Rapide Trainingen & Events, Owner Chairsupply.eu

Gianne Hurks

Director Hurks investments

Hetty van Ee

Managing Director ORMIT Groep

Janet Moltmaker

Director DNP Groep BV

Janneke Dreesmann

Co Chair & Ambassador Human Rights Watch Belgium

Jeanne Wessels

Owner MelanO BV

Jellie Tiermersma

Founder Personal Too

Jet Middelhoff

Director of art and advice business

Joanna Geurts van Kessel

Former doctor epidomology

Josja Zijlstra

Specialist in haematology

Judith Lingeman

Head of Charities Nationale Goede Doelen Loterijen N.V.

Justine Takx

Legal Counsel IP a.i. at Tommy Hilfiger

Karin Stoevenbeld-Kreber

Director at Interall Group BV & Uitgeverij Manypieces

Laura Rooseboom

Managing partner StartGreen Capital

Leontine Gast

Managing partner The Terrace

Lis Leijser

Director Brightpartners

Madelène Spaan

Owner &madelene

Madelon Schaap

Marketing communication senior (interim) projectmanager at 707 Consult

Marguerite Soeteman-Reijnen

Global Chief Marketing Officer at Aon Inpoint

Mariel van Kempen

Director at Manimar BV, Director Kereijn Beheer BV

Marielle Wiegmans

Associate Partner bij Crowe Horwath Foederer Corporate Finance

Mariette Turkenburg

Owner Loyens & Loeff

Marijke Paaijmans

Director Herengracht Legal & Management Services

Marijn Pijnenborg

Owner Heilzaam BV

Marjan Terpstra

Pharmacists Entrepreneur

Marja Ruigrok

Founder Ruigrok | NetPanel

Marlies Zwolle-Mohr

Managing Director Total Creation

Maureen Meeng

Publisher at 360 International Media

Monique Maarsen

Member of the Supervisory Board at EY

Nathalie van der Ploeg

Brandwriters – online marketing agency

Nicole Tollenaar

Director HR&Facilities at Sociale Verzekeringsbank

Noëlle Haitsma

Owner at Villa Borobudur

Nora Coers

Owner at Ayurveda4me.nl

Nynke Hünd

Makes wishes come true at Make-a-Wish Netherlands

Pauline Rengers-Loudon

Partner at LINQ

Renee Witmer

Commercial Director, EMEA at TMF Group

Sacha Engels

Investor, Supervisory Boardmember and Strategic Business Advisor

Shareen Perret Gentil

Director IMFC Management B.V.

Sheila Struyck

Lablord Europcar Lab & Leader Europcar Int. Marketing and Innovation

Silla Scheepens

Informal investment & strategic marketing/management

Simone Brummelhuis

Founder TheNextWomen

Yasemin Tumer

Owner Ryt Holding BV, good governance and diversity

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