Crowd Fund

Our mission is two-fold: strengthening female entrepreneurs and increasing the number of female investors. For entrepreneurs, who have attracted risk capital the ratio between men and women is currently 93 %- 7%, respectively. For investors this ratio is 95 % men and – 5 % women. In the vision of TheNextWomen, a stimuli is necessary to balance this ratio. Therefore, the TNWCF aims to offer a platform for female investors to jointly invest in a simple manner, thereby encouraging entrepreneurship.

TNWCF will invest initially, in companies brought forward by TheNextWomen Community. Either through the Startup Stories, Pitch Competition, or any of the other programs. TNWCF comes together twice a year and entrepreneurs who have been invested in are invited to present their business and the results.

Interested investors, entrepreneurs, and business leaders can sign up here.

How do entrepreneurs know they are eligible?
1) We ask companies who are looking for an investment to join our events or become a member so not only we can get to know you, but you can also get to know us. You can always contact

2) The intake, due diligence, and acceptance will be done by one of the partnering crowd funding platforms.

3) If our investment committee decides in favor of your company the fund will invest a maximum of 10% of your target.

4) When your crowd funding campaign is successful, you are invited to meet and present in front of our investors.


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