CMO @ United Food Concepts

Events & Account management (Internship) @ ChefPlaza
1st July 2016
Increase the chance of succes by decreasing the supply
13th July 2016

United Food Concepts aims to provide the #1 solution for SME’s in Europe’s catering industry.  We operate distinct marketplaces for unique types of catering, from private chefs (ChefPlaza) and events (VanChefs) to food trucks (The Food Convoy), which are linked in one single solution for the caterer.  And we’re looking for a CMO.

Our belief is that our path to greatness lies in inboundmarketing, eventmarketing and an excellent referralprogramme. But does it? We’re looking for an experienced teammember that’s excited about having a leading role in a small but fast growing start-up. We’d like to spar on your and our ideas for the company’s scaling strategy and be utterly convinced by the connection your vision has to ours.

Startdates, compensation and all that can be discussed when we get to it – most important is finding someone that gets energized by the idea and who has a fantastic click with the current team.  Get in touch via / 06 12 71 45 65.

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