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Ritika Bajaj, founder of MeritC2 - Creatives and Communications Ritika Bajaj shares with The NextWomen her top seven key tools for entrepreneurial success, drawing on her own experiences of starting up her own enterprise, design and content house MeritC2 - Creatives and Communications

Lorraine WhiteLorraine White of Hashtag Collective talks to The Next Women about utilising Social Media for your business.

Megan Foo, Editorial Assistant and Regular Contributor of The NextWomen Business Magazine, sits down with Yasmin Belo-Osagie and Afua Osei, Co-Founders of She Leads Africa, to talk about how women can be part of Africa's growth story through entrepreneurship, innovation and business. She Leads Africa is a Nigeria-based social enterprise that equips female entrepreneurs in Africa with the knowledge, network, and financing needed to build and scale strong businesses.

Maleka Dattu Creator and Founder, MERUMAYA Integrative Effective Skincare®and 2014 Specsavers everywoman in Retail Ambassador talks to The Next Women about her journey from employment to successful entrepreneur. 

Jemma CaldwellJemma Caldwell, founder of Tanami, encourages The Next Women readers to take the plunge into the business world.

Vivian SaywardVivian Sayward talks to The Next Women about her success story and shares some of the great tips she has learned on her journey.

Rebecca Bright, Co-Founder of Therapy BoxWhen I started my career as a speech and language therapist in Australia in 2001 I didn’t envisage changing tack, and would have never have thought about becoming an app developer.

Nancy Johnston, Founder of Tengri gives us her three top tips on starting your own luxury fashion brand.

In a tribute to US mythologist and writer Joseph Campbell, who asserted that all mythical heroes experience the same 12 steps on their adventures, Ondina Montgomery draws parallels between Campbell’s Hero’s Journey and that of the entrepreneur.

In part 6 of the Journey, the hero learns the rules of her new world. During this time, she endures tests of strength of will, meets friends, and comes face to face with foes. Click here to read the fifth part of Ordina’s series, The Hero’s Journey Part V: Crossing The First Threshold.

In this article, the founder of Packed Munches, Fiona Timba asks “How many times have you had an amazing business idea and done nothing about it?” and tells the NextWomen about her five top tips on turning that amazing business idea into an entrepreneurial success story.