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Shari YocumAn Interview with M&A Expert Shari Yocum, on the question whether entrepreneurship Is possible at any stage of life.

Ritika Bajaj, founder of MeritC2 - Creatives and Communications Ritika Bajaj shares with The NextWomen her top seven key tools for entrepreneurial success, drawing on her own experiences of starting up her own enterprise, design and content house MeritC2 - Creatives and Communications

MergeLane ‘discovers, accelerates and invests in exceptional women and the companies they run’. Their motivation is two-fold. First, there are far fewer women in startups than we would expect. MergeLane believe diverse companies are stronger companies, and they want to help narrow the gap. Second, data overwhelmingly shows that venture-backed, female-run companies produce higher returns.

Laura Greb caught up with Sue Heilbronner and Elizabeth Kraus in Boulder, CO. 

An interview with Purple Plant Blends Founder Heather Scott, discussing how she created her unique product meets service model amid fierce competition to now being the most popular SF Bay Area smoothie company that serves in-house to tech giants like Square, Craigslist and Skype.

Jennifer YenAt the turn of the new millennium, the prolific franchise known as the Power Rangers was in full force, entertaining children around the world with numerous television series, movies and comic books.

In 2000, Power Rangers Lightspeed Rescue became the 8th installment of the long running series, one of its major stars being a then ingénue Jennifer Yen. As Vypra, Yen made her Hollywood debut in a show that has to this day, endured as one of the most powerful children's entertainment franchises ever created.

Octavia Smith talks to Lauren McGoodwin, Founder of Career Contessa – an interview series showcasing women's career stories – about Lauren’s experience with guiding women to reign as the entrepreneurs of their professional destinies.Octavia Smith talks to Lauren McGoodwin, Founder of Career Contessa – an interview series showcasing women's career stories – about Lauren’s experience with guiding women to reign as the entrepreneurs of their professional destinies.

...And maybe there is a revolution in that.

Computers are the new social currency, and how we carry them around is as much our status as our choice between iOS and XP.

Tatjana, from Germany, is the associate of mySTid and partner of Samka, the CEO of an innovative computer bag company based in Germany. Tatjana and Samka had been friends for years and lamented the inability to find trendy and sustainable bags for their busy corporate lifestyle.

Verna GibbsDina Yuen was lucky enough to catch up with SheHeroes co-founder Dr. Sophia Yen and Director Pia Guerrero to get more insight into how this non-profit startup functions and vitally, encourages young women to enter traditionally "male" careers.

Hashtag Collective was born in the leafy suburbs of North LondonAdele Woodthorpe of Woodthorpe Comms introduces Lorraine White of Hashtag Collective; a new men’s fashion brand, that gives emerging designers and artists a place to showcase their talent. Founded by husband and wife team Paul and Lorraine White, The Hashtag emblem represents strength, confidence and individualism.

My husband and I met at university and entered adulthood together! We know each other inside out.  Two years ago, my husband and I decided that we would enter into business together.

In the autumn of 2011, we put our minds together and over a cup of tea, we came up with the concept of a business venture that we would enter into together.  That day was the beginning of our journey as entrepreneurs and more specifically as business partners.

Style has always been an integral part of both our lives. More specifically, quality, tailoring, and customer service have always been fundamental to clothing and style purchases we make and we like to blend key designer pieces with high-end quality high-street pieces for our ‘go-to’ looks. This is what inspired us to start our own brand that focuses on doing just that.

Lara Morgan, Founder of Pacific Direct Ltd and Co-Founder of Company ShortcutsLara Morgan began her career when she was just eighteen. Four years later she founded her first business, Pacific Direct Ltd. A keen entrepreneur, Lara is also the Co-Founder of Company Shortcuts.