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Alyssa Jane McDonald on 'the Internet of Things'Deidre Morrissey shares her views on the new technology the ‘Internet of Things,’ and discusses its applications and privacy problems.  


Women break the glass ceiling in businessNew statistics show that women are breaking through the glass ceiling and earning more than their male counterparts.

Nikki Yates; GSK; young women; STEM; telling stories; Apprentice Trailblazers

Nikki Yates, former nurse and now General Manager of GSK’s UK business, explains to The NextWomen why showcasing creativity and collaboration is the key to attracting ambitious young women into science and engineering – and how everyone in the industry can help by sharing their own inspiring stories.

Allan Watson outlines his 5 Global Expansion Tricks for the Ambitious Entrepreneur.

Your company may only have three employees and be headquartered in your parents' home, but that doesn't mean you can't dream about globalization.

Expanding your startup globally is an entrepreneur's dream that you cannot ignore, what with all of us living in an increasingly connected world. Here is a list of five global expansion tricks that will pique your ambitions and propel you towards the path of startup superstardom.

Denise Colella is the CEO of Maxifier, the global leader in programmatic premium optimization. Denise Colella, CEO of programmatic premium optimization company Maxifier, talks to The NextWomen about the negative and positive aspects to being a woman in a male-dominated industry, drawing on her own experiences of working in the technology industry.

Allan Watson writes about SEO for beginnersAllan Watson talks to The NextWomen about Search Engine Optimization and how to drive traffic to your website.

Daan Weddepohol, Co-Founder of PeerbyTina Amirtha meets Daan Weddepohl, co-founder of Peerby, a Dutch startup and TechStars London first cohort member funded by Sanoma Ventures.

Peerby, which Daan founded with Jonas Matser and Eelke Boezeman, is a platform that helps people borrow and rent stuff from others nearby with a unique system that actively creates supply by asking around through social media, smartphones and e-mail. The product was launched in beta for Amsterdam in August 2012 and the network is rapidly expanding, with 15,000 members in Holland and active communities in London, Berlin, Spain and New York.

Website plan The NextWomen is happy to provide information on business insurance through knowledge partner Moonfruit.

We all know what it’s like to come across a website that looks like it hasn’t been updated in 10 years. Does it make you want to find out more about the company? Or click to another website as quickly as possible? Effective web design is essential in helping your new business to grow, but it doesn’t have to be complicated. Here are some pointers on how to choose a website template to create your own online presence. 

Heels of Steel by Vanessa VallelyVanessa Vallely is the founder of leading women’s network and website, WeAreTheCity and job board CareersCity, serving an audience of over 70,000 London City women. She also co-founded the City-wide diversity network, The Network of Networks, which includes the heads of women’s networks from 40 FTSE firms.

Vanessa has had an extensive 25 year career in Banking and Finance in London and is a qualified career coach. She has won various recognition awards such as Women’s Champion for Women in Banking & Finance, TIAW’s Top 100 Global Women, Financial News Top 100 & Brummells Top 30 Inspiring Women. She was a wonderful keynote speaker at The NextWomen’s November 2012 London Pitch Evening.

In this article, Mary Juetten, Founder and CEO of reviews Vanessa's new book "Heels of Steel", which was released on 25th September. The book tracks Vanessa's trials and tribulations from the day she arrived in the City aged 15 and worked her way up to C-suite, providing transparent insight into the world of corporate women and sharing Vanessa's tips and practical advice, based on her real life experiences.

British Author Vanessa Vallely had me at HEELS. Not only did I have the pleasure of reading HEELS of STEEL, she graciously offered to Skype with me despite an 8-hour time difference.

When the book arrived, I skipped over the introduction and the table of contents and dove into her story. Her scrappy upbringing and her City career seemed almost surreal and to later find out that she cut out some of the more difficult portions of her life made it even more amazing.

Adria Saracino, content marketer, explains how to create a robust email marketing strategyThe NextWomen ‘How-to’ Theme

A lot of us send out regular newsletters and email blasts to our customers, but how can we tell if they're effective? Content marketer Adria Saracino gives us the lowdown.

If you've been following along with the latest business news and marketing tips, you've probably heard all about the myriad benefits of email marketing. And yet, you certainly don't open most of the e-blasts that make it into your inbox—who has the energy, interest or time? Knowing that, how can you possibly trust that an email marketing campaign is worth the investment?