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Shari YocumAn Interview with M&A Expert Shari Yocum, on the question whether entrepreneurship Is possible at any stage of life.

November saw some key developments in Employment law, with everything from sick leave to holiday pay enjoying the limelight. Here we talk you through some of the key developments that we have seen this month, and how they might affect your business…

Charles Hylton-Potts explains the basics of EU data protection law. In a series of articles, Charles Hylton-Potts, a lawyer based in London, covers a range of legal topics relevant to establishing a business in the EU. Click here to check out his previous article.

Charles Hylton-Potts In a series of articles Charles Hylton-Potts, a lawyer based in London, covers a range of legal topics relevant to establishing a business in the EU. Click here to check out his previous article.

EU picture for The NextWomen article by Charles Hylton-PottsThe European Union (EU) represents an alternative land of opportunity: a single market of 500 million people and a European dream of business, history and culture.

Whether you are an existing business looking to expand into the EU or researching the best place to start up your new venture, leaping into a different jurisdiction can be a daunting prospect, but it need not be.

In a series of articles, lawyer Charles Hylton-Potts will cover a range of legal topics relevant to establishing your business in the EU, whilst underlining the importance of planning, understanding legal considerations and ensuring you have the right documentation in place.

Heels of Steel by Vanessa VallelyVanessa Vallely is the founder of leading women’s network and website, WeAreTheCity and job board CareersCity, serving an audience of over 70,000 London City women. She also co-founded the City-wide diversity network, The Network of Networks, which includes the heads of women’s networks from 40 FTSE firms.

Vanessa has had an extensive 25 year career in Banking and Finance in London and is a qualified career coach. She has won various recognition awards such as Women’s Champion for Women in Banking & Finance, TIAW’s Top 100 Global Women, Financial News Top 100 & Brummells Top 30 Inspiring Women. She was a wonderful keynote speaker at The NextWomen’s November 2012 London Pitch Evening.

In this article, Mary Juetten, Founder and CEO of reviews Vanessa's new book "Heels of Steel", which was released on 25th September. The book tracks Vanessa's trials and tribulations from the day she arrived in the City aged 15 and worked her way up to C-suite, providing transparent insight into the world of corporate women and sharing Vanessa's tips and practical advice, based on her real life experiences.

British Author Vanessa Vallely had me at HEELS. Not only did I have the pleasure of reading HEELS of STEEL, she graciously offered to Skype with me despite an 8-hour time difference.

When the book arrived, I skipped over the introduction and the table of contents and dove into her story. Her scrappy upbringing and her City career seemed almost surreal and to later find out that she cut out some of the more difficult portions of her life made it even more amazing.

Mary Juetten shares the top five funny IP blunders which came to light during this year’s World Intellectual Property Day.

World Intellectual Property Day Celebration

First, it is a real celebration. On April 26th, 1970, the World Intellectual Property Organization (WIPO), an agency of the United Nations came into being. WIPO’s mission is to stimulate innovation and creativity through the use of Intellectual Property (IP). Its members chose the WIPO birthday to encourage annual celebrations in IP communities worldwide.

This year’s World Intellectual Property Day (WIPD) theme was Creativity: The Next Generation. As we look forward, who are the future game-changers? Will we all be walking along wearing Google glasses instead of holding our smartphones in front of our faces?

Here in Phoenix, AZ our company held the inaugural World Intellectual Property Day BBQ on Friday April 26th. We asked guests to either dress up as their favorite inventor or bring along their favorite invention.

The NextWomen is organising a Legal Workshop in partnership with Kennedy Van der Laan, with the theme Good Employment Practices: The Dos and Don'ts.

The workshop is taking place in Amsterdam on Thursday 27th June from 15:30-17:00. The event will conclude with a networking session with drinks until 18:00.

During the practical workshop, employment lawyers Eva Knipschild and Inge de Laat, both Partners at law and notary firm Kennedy Van der Laan,will take you through the legal dos and don'ts of good employment practices, from hiring to dismissal.

Inge will explain the privacy aspects of recruiting and keeping good personnel files. Eva will look at dismissal procedures and the latest developments in the field of flexible contracts.

Entrepreneurs are invited to participate in this event free of charge.

Register here.

A famous example of a company that chose to forego the patent route for a product is Coca-ColaCheck out the previous article in Mary's series on IP here.

In the area of Intellectual Property (IP) , startups or small businesses tend to fall into two groups. Those who focus exclusively on patent protection and those who view patents as too expensive and pointless without the money to defend infringement.

What is a Patent? It is not a Trademark, Copyright, or Trade Secret 

How often have you heard someone state, “My idea needs a patent” or “I will make a billion dollars on a patent for my <fill in the blank with exciting idea>.”

A client received an email from a competitor that demanded she stop using his “patented name.”  Patents are not granted for names. In another situation, the name associated with a patented product may well be a potential trademark or copyright but the name itself will never be patentable.

The NextWomen Finance Theme.

It’s a big challenge to represent the top financial institutions in the world. It’s even more challenging when most of these firms are in New York and you are based in Los Angeles.

But one remarkable attorney accomplishes this task and succeeds with distinction. Julia Strickland stands at the pinnacle as the class action defense litigator and source for compliance and regulatory advice for the financial industry. No one in California represents as many high-profile financial institutions as her—and no one is more successful in defending those firms in class actions and in dealings with state and federal regulators.

Her impressive roster of clients includes American Express, Citibank, JP Morgan Chase, Discover, HSBC, Sallie Mae, PayPal and many others. She manages the Los Angeles office of Stroock & Stroock & Lavan LLP. She has been at Stroock since 1978 and was the first summer associate in the Los Angeles office in 1977. She is a member of the Firm’s Executive Committee. She oversees fifteen attorneys in her Class Action/Financial Services Group.