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Having attended a Virgin Startup event, I say to fellow entrepreneurs ‘get involved’: it’s the best thing that you can do for you and your business.

The line-up of female speakers taking time out of their busy schedules to share the ups, downs, and ultimate triumphs was more than just a rally call for female entrepreneurs to take their seed ideas, plant them, nourish them and watch them grow!

Alyssa Jade McDonald-Bartl is a third generation social entrepreneur who works to evolve standards to influence food sovereignity and agroecology. She is the mother of, which harvests cacao beans for foodies who expect more from chocolate. Here, she shares her predicted chocolate trends for the coming year. 

Women break the glass ceiling in businessNew statistics show that women are breaking through the glass ceiling and earning more than their male counterparts.

November saw some key developments in Employment law, with everything from sick leave to holiday pay enjoying the limelight. Here we talk you through some of the key developments that we have seen this month, and how they might affect your business…

UNDP in Papua New Guinea and the Australian Government recently launched an extraordinary venture, first of its kind in PNG – the Kumul GameChangers – to support for-profit impact enterprises in PNG.  Keeping entrepreneurs at the core, the venture recognizes that for entrepreneurs and their innovations, the knowledge and capital required for their success need to come together so that this emerging cadre of GameChangers can accelerate solutions to the national challenge of exclusion and fractured development. 

Skills CFA, the UK’s largest provider, registration and certification authority for apprenticeships and worked based education, were delighted not only with the sheer numbers of apprentices graduating at this year’s Advanced and Higher Business Skills ceremony, which took place on Wednesday 19th November at the Central Hall Westminster, but also with their guest speakers who awarded the graduates.

One of the largest surveys of business angels in the UK has reported an increase in the proportion of women business angels. 

Once again, there’s a slow down in the global economy. I know a way we can mitigate that decline. Get more women in the workforce! In fact, this is BEST moment in time for millions of women graduating from universities in emerging economies to find or create jobs in their countries. 

Introducing Lendahand - a crowdfunding platform for Small to Medium sized entrepreneurs (SMEs) in upcoming economies. 

Megan Foo, Editorial Assistant and Regular Contributor of The NextWomen, talks about the importance of furthering economic opportunity for women in the developing world, highlighting the efforts of Shining Hope for Communities to promote women's economic empowerment in the Nairobi slums in Kenya.

I’ve always loved this Amartya Sen quote: “Empowering women with more choices and more freedoms is crucial to achieving a better future for all.” If there is a catalyst to development and increased overall well-being, I believe that it lies in the empowerment of women and girls. In addition to fortifying women with more choices and freedoms in areas like education, healthcare, and nutrition, I think that one of the most powerful ways to expedite “a better future for all” is to give women greater economic freedom and opportunities.