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Business angel investing is changing. Once it was largely a solo activity, undertaken below the radar. Now angels are increasingly joining together in manager-led angel groups to invest together. New research from the University of Glasgow’s Adam Smith Business School takes an in-depth look at angel investing in the light of these changes.

Trinkets founders Genevieve Murphy and Kate BarryA chance event led Genevieve Murphy and Kate Barry to be approached by high profile angel investor William Reeve. The two Founders of Trinkets tell The NextWomen what impact he has had on their business and share their 7 tips for those seeking an angel investor. 

Our first encounter with William Reeve stems from a great story about being in the right place at the right time. I was attending a free marketing week put on by Start Up Britain and during questions they encouraged the audience to state their name and company as the entire week was being streamed online. On the last day, I asked a question and a business friend of Williams was watching and went on to Google Trinkets. Discovering it was a subscription based business, she forwarded it to William and he got in contact with us.  

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Teddle Co-Founder Alex Depledge looks back at raising investment for her business and shares her top ten tips for finding an investor.

I use to nod sympathetically when I spoke to other founders who had spent months raising money, secretly thinking arrogantly that it wouldn't be us. We only had a 6-month survival window that we could keep Teddle afloat without investment so it couldn't possibly take longer than that. It did. Double in fact.

Kristian Segerstrale is an entrepeneur, executive and investor in games, consumer internet and technology companies.

Best known as Co-Founder of Playfish, a social games company which was acquired by EA for $400 million in 2009, he is currently a Partner at Initial Capital, an investor and accelerator for early-stage technology companies, and a board member of game company Supercell.

Kristian's previous positions have included Director at LoveFilm; Executive Vice President at EA Games (staying on with EA after they aquired Playfish); and Co-founder of VP EMEA Studios and Publishing.

We spoke to Kristian about selling Playfish; the differences between building a business in Europe and the States; and his suggestions for Neelie Kroes on fostering entrepreneurialism and innovation in Europe.

Great news, an investment fund which explicitly states that it wants to invest in female entrepreneurs. Time to talk! The Next Women talked to Dave Richards, Founder & Managing Partner of Unitus Seed Fund.

Dave Richards is an experienced entrepreneur, executive and global early-stage investor.  He has been an early investor in microfinance and other emerging market sector businesses serving BoP (low-income) populations. Dave has been involved with the Unitus Group since 2005, helping to lead efforts to select and invest in BoP entrepreneurs in many developing countries.

Previously, Dave developed multiple high-growth technology businesses at RealNetworks, Sybase and Symantec from startup to multiple hundred million dollar global enterprises. He also is a partner with Social Venture Partners Seattle and leads the Social Innovation Fast Pitch startup angel fund. We spoke to Dave about investing in India; his thoughts on microfinance; and why Unitus Seed Fund is specifically looking for female entrepreneurs to invest in.

Do you know any women-led, digital media and technology companies looking for strategic relationships and investment opportunities? 

Applications for Springboard's Media & Tech program are open until 28th June!

Building on the phenomenal successes of Minute Clinic, Via Cell, iRobot, Zipcar and hundreds of others in their portfolio, Springboard’s accelerator programs have presented some of the best clinical and commercial stage companies to the nation’s investment communities. Springboard has hosted 25 accelerator programs since early 2000 showcasing 500+ women-led companies that have raised over $5.6 billion in equity, grants and strategic investments. 

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Marta Cruz is the Co-Founder & Director of NXTP Labs, an Latinamerica-based acceleration program with an early-stage fund, focusing on Spanish-speaking technology startups that are pursuing global or regional opportunities. NXTP provides seed funding, consulting services, hands-on advice, training and, access to a network of mentors across Latin America, the US and Europe.

Marta is also Co-Founder of digital agency Nextperience, where she currently serves as a Director.

Prior to these two ventures, Marta worked for more than 8 years at MRM Worldwide, the McCann Worldgroup digital agency, as Latam Regional Director, managing accounts likes of HP, Intel, Coca-Cola, GM, Hilton Hotel, Nortel and MasterCard

Marta’s introduction to entrepreneurialism began in 1979, when she founded with her husband, Ponchiarello, a men's clothing factory, focusing on the wholesale and retail business. Their decision to start manufacturing and selling uniforms for companies led them to develop their business on a large scale.

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Felipe Matos is the COO of Start-up Brasil, a national program promoted by the Brazilian Government to foster and stimulate the nation's startup ecosystem.

The program provides funding, space, business services and mentorship through partnership with top accelerators.

Part V of Elizabeth's excellent series about finding investment. Click here to read Part IV on Business Plan Competitions.

Almost everybody would be happy to have an angel on her shoulder, and in high growth industries, angel investors are a likely path to funding.  But who are angel investors, and how do they work?

Angels come individually or in networks and they are a well-established component of the funding ecosystem. Apart from friends and family, angel investors are usually the first investors to put money behind an aspiring entrepreneur's idea.

While researching this article, I found conflicting data in a number of categories – but however you slice and dice it, angels typically invest in seed or very early-stage companies, many of which have yet to earn a dime.

Clover Lewis reviews the recent The NextWomen Pitch Event and outlines some helpful tips for pitchpreneurs from the experts on the judging panel. 

You have a winning product or service, a killer business strategy, an exceptional team… and now you need investment to move your business to realise greater aims. How can you assure that when you have the opportunity to speak to ‘business angels’ and investors your content and delivery stand out enough to have them fund you?

By participating in The NextWomen’s Pitch Event, as either a guest or pitch-entrepreneur, you can get closer to perfecting your pitch monologue and have engaging dialogues with investors who may be in a position to offer capital to support business growth.