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The second half of our interview with Dianne Bevelander, the Associate Dean, MBA Programs at Rotterdam School of Management, Erasmus University (RSM). Dianne is a true female hero who campaigns tirelessly for female empowerment and equality. Read the first part of the interview here. 

Dianne has held several successful strategic leadership positions and is currently responsible for a multi-million euro revenue portfolio. Her international experience spans the globe, with successful recruitment initiatives and strategic alliances on every continent. She is a member of the Executive Management Committee of RSM.

Dianne teaches personal leadership development at RSM and at various other Business Schools internationally. Primary research interests relate to management education, social network theory and the development of human capital with particular emphasis on the career development of professional women. Leading through innovation, Dianne designed a Women's only elective at RSM focusing on the empowerment of women aspiring to leadership roles using the mountain (Mt Kilimanjaro) as an outside classroom, and as a metaphor for business.

Therese S Kinal is one of the NextAdvisors signed up to advise our community in our Business Advice ProgrammeTherese is the CEO and Co-Founder of Unleash, a disruptive innovator in the management education and consulting industry.

She has experience working across a broad range of industries, including professional services, healthcare, FMCG, retail and fashion, IT, property development and education.

She is the co-author of Unleashing: The Future of Work and works with clients on a range of management issues, including: Innovation and Entrepreneurship, The Future of Organisations, Leadership Development, Organisational Change, Adaptive Strategy Execution, Living Brand and Complex Problem Solving etc.

Therese is listed in Management Today's 35 Women Under 35 2013.

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Sophie Neary is one of the NextAdvisors signed up to advise our community in our Business Advice Programme.

Sophie is a veteran Internet entrepreneur with over 20 years experience in high growth start ups and major blue chips. She was on the management team of JCP, acquired by Sun Microsystems in 2000 and a founding director of the award winning BeatThatQuote.com, acquired by Google in 2011.

Sophie first started working with Internet platforms and services in 1995 when she was part of the team to launch Reuters’ first ever internet products.

After stepping back from her day-to-day role at BeatThatQuote (where she oversaw the development and roll out of the platform and looked after the marketing which resulted in BTQ beating Facebook to be the fastest growing website in the UK in 2007), Sophie became a freelance consultant.

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Mavis Amankwah, Owner of Rich Visions Diversity CommunicationsMavis Amankwah, an award-winning multiple business owner, is no stranger to the struggles of life and business. Here she shares her personal journey along with 10 practical steps on how to overcome adversity.

I was born and raised in Canning Town, east London, a tough borough which in the 70's was extremely racist. As a young black girl, I was bullied and received racial abuse on a daily basis from other kids my age. Even in school, one of my teachers told me that I’d “never amount to anything”. My only real comfort was my mother who also had to adjust to becoming a single parent after my father walked out on us. My resolve was also hardened through having suffered traumatic childhood experiences – too much to go into here - sufficeit  to say, as clichéd as it may sound, these situations made me stronger.

Jan Floyd-Douglass, The 9 SituationsJan Floyd-Douglass is one of the fantastic NextAdvisors signed up to advise our community in The NextWomen's Business Advice Programme

Through her business, The 9 Situations, Jan advises organisations on their business growth and change strategies. Jan coaches and mentors business owners and corporate leaders, and is a ‘recognised coach’ under the Government Growth Accelerator programme.

Jan particularly enjoys the leadership training and development side of her business activity; she is a qualified Level 7 Executive Coach and Leadership Mentor (from the Institute of Leadership and Management, Europe’s leading awarding body). In this capacity, she trains individuals in ILM Level 5 and Level 7 leadership coaching and mentoring qualifications, and offers structured coaching supervision to coaches.

Carolin Neumann, Co-Founder and first Chairman of Business Network Digital Media Women Association in HamburgCarolin Neumann is Co-Founder and first Chairman of Business Network Digital Media Women Association in Hamburg, which works to raise the visibility of women in digital professions.

Caroline is also editor-in-chief of VOCER, a non profit online magazine for media critique and debates, and supervises the development of their Innovation Media Lab, a fellowship programme for promising talents looking to experiment with new journalism outside the scopes of traditional media.

Alyssa spoke to Carolin about her mission to get more digital women onstage (and not just talking about being women!); the concept of "media literacy"; and her hopes for Digital Media Women's international expansion.

Rehmah KasuleRehmah Kasule is one of the NextAdvisors signed up to advise our community in our Business Advice Programme. Rehmah is the founder of CEDA International, specializing in mentoring, leadership and social entrepreneurship.

Rehmah has also been running her own marketing agency, Century Marketing, in Uganda for over 14 years, building local and international brands.

A Certified Enterprise Development Consultant, Rehmah is a renowned motivational speaker with a wealth of experience in branding, strategic planning, marketing, financial literacy, gender and leadership. With the vision of “creating a new generation of women leaders” she empowers girls and women to become economically independent and socially responsible.

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Trinkets founders Genevieve Murphy and Kate BarryA chance event led Genevieve Murphy and Kate Barry to be approached by high profile angel investor William Reeve. The two Founders of Trinkets tell The NextWomen what impact he has had on their business and share their 7 tips for those seeking an angel investor. 

Our first encounter with William Reeve stems from a great story about being in the right place at the right time. I was attending a free marketing week put on by Start Up Britain and during questions they encouraged the audience to state their name and company as the entire week was being streamed online. On the last day, I asked a question and a business friend of Williams was watching and went on to Google Trinkets. Discovering it was a subscription based business, she forwarded it to William and he got in contact with us.  

TheNextWomen article by Michelle Wright on the rise of the female intrapreneurAward-winning social entrepreneur Michelle Wright, Founder & CEO of Cause4, writes here with Cause4 Associate Isabel Richards on the rise of the female ‘intrapreneur’.

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The ‘intrapreneur’ acts like an entrepreneur within a large company – leading change and innovation from within.and it seems that women are particularly well placed to lead this work from within their companies.

There are three reasons why social intrapreneurship makes sense: