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Helen Croft and Agnes Bamford from The Results Centre discuss the under representation of women at the highest levels of business.

T. Keyzom Ngodup, a development entrepreneur and Country Technical Advisor on Financial Inclusion at the United Nations Capital Development Fund, talks to The NextWomen about what she learned from four daring women entrepreneurs and leaders in Papua New Guinea, and how the presence and successes of these women contribute to Papua New Guinea's overall inclusiveness and equity.

The spectacular resource-rich island of Papua New Guinea – with its high mountains, roaring rivers, fertile valleys and magnificent fjords – is colloquially referred to as the ‘land of the unexpected’. 

From a GDP Per Capita of USD 654 in 2000 to its exponential growth at USD 2,184 in 2012, PNG’s Prime Minister Peter O’Neil also recently celebrated its 19 billion gas project’s first liquid natural gas shipment to East Asia.  

However, human development indicators remain alarmingly low, at 147 out of 180 countries according to the UN Human Development Report.  In midst, is the parlous position of women. 

Bev James, CEO of The Academy Group, including the Entrepreneurs' Business Academy and EBA for Coaches, talks to The NextWomen about the importance of confidence in business, and shares key takeaways from personal experience and lessons from successful entrepreneurs.

Throughout my training and career as a coach, I have worked with successful entrepreneurs, world champions and Olympic athlete. It is clear across the board that confidence is a key ingredient to success in sport, business and life.

The newly released Dell-sponsored Gender-Global Entrepreneurship and Development Index (GEDI) revealed that more than 75% of the 30 countries surveyed are not providing the most fundamental conditions required for female entrepreneurs to prosper. Even more troubling, emerging economies are much further behind than advanced economies in creating the conditions that enable businesses founded by women to thrive. 

The report correctly directs policy makers and institutions to work on improving conditions for female entrepreneurs on several fronts, simultaneously. In the interim, what actions can you personally take to enable your own business success?

Truly Blue - Handkerchief Hem Dress by Coral TurnerCoral Turner talks to The NextWomen about how she relaunched the website of her online fashion boutique and explains how going back and starting over actually helped her business to move forward.

Identifying your strengths can help you to thrive professionally. Misty Gibbs examines the differences between being an entrepreneur and a business owner, sharing with The NextWomen the reasons why it is crucial to know which category you fit into, and how this can help your business.

Lara Morgan, Founder of Pacific Direct Ltd and Co-Founder of Company ShortcutsLara Morgan began her career when she was just eighteen. Four years later she founded her first business, Pacific Direct Ltd. A keen entrepreneur, Lara is also the Co-Founder of Company Shortcuts.

Problems often provide a chance to improve your business. Bev James shares with The NextWomen her tip for how to respond to problems in business when they arise by remembering the 6 Rs – Recognise, Rationalise, Read, Review, Retest and Re-invent – explaining how this method can help solve issues and enable success.

Georgina-Kate Adams, Founder of The Seed, Africa,with a girl whose education was funded through the project. Megan Foo of The NextWomen examines the issue of the lack of access to education for girls in developing countries. Megan talks to Georgina-Kate Adams, Founder of crowdfunding project The Seed, Africa, regarding the impact of educating girls through crowdfunding.

Lana Larder of The NextWomen considers the importance of identifying and protecting your company’s most valuable assets, discussing the issue with Mary Juetten, founder of Traklight, a software product which helps business owners protect their ideas.