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Clover Lewis, reporter for The NextWomen, attended Astia’s We Own It Summit 'Tipping Point Awards Dinner' and afterwards caught up with Sallie Krawcheck, keynote speaker and Business Leader of 85 Broads.

The We Own It collaboration along with Thompson Reuters hosted the Tipping Point Awards Dinner, celebrating the European firms with the greatest number of investments in woman-led companies. Sallie Krawcheck, Business Leader of 85 Broads, delivered a most engaging keynote address for the event.

For those who do not know her: Sallie Krawcheck is a very successful woman. Said to be one of the most successful executives in financial services, her checklist of success includes (quoting her Twitter bio):

85 Broads...Past Head of Merrill Lynch and Smith Barney....Investor....Board Member...Crazed UNC Basketball Fan....Mom

Sallie Krawcheck is also influential. A savvy social media maven; just last week she posted 'My Two Very Simple Rules for Networking’ on LinkedIn, talking about how to communicate with your network to greater effect through ‘pay it forward’ engagement, receiving over 150,000 readers within days. When Sallie talks, people listen.

The NextWomen Generations & Family Business Theme.

Begümhan Doğan Faralyalı is the Chairwoman of Doğan Holding, one of Turkey’s top industrial conglomerates.

The NextWomen Generations & Family Business Theme.

Heidi Messer is Co-founder and Chairman of Collective[i]™, a cloud-based business intelligence platform that enables business leaders to answer their toughest questions through big data analysis. Heidi is also Co-Founder and CEO of World Evolved, a global investment and expansion platform.

Prior to Collective[i]™and World Evolved, Heidi and her brother, Stephen Messer, co-founded LinkShare Corporation, which is host to one of the world’s largest online affiliate networks. Heidi and her brother built and managed LinkShare until its sale to Rakuten for $425 million in 2005.

Recognized as an authority on online marketing, Heidi is a frequent speaker at major industry events. She is often referenced in written trade publications and has appeared on national television and radio programs.

We spoke to Heidi about the benefits and challenges of working with a sibling; her tips for mixing work and family; and how her relationship with her brother has changed as a result of working together.

The NextWomen Generations & Family Business Theme.

Padmaja Kumari Parmar represents the third generation of heritage-hoteliers at the HRH Group of Hotels, India's only chain of heritage palace-hotels under private ownership.

Headquartered in Udaipur, a city founded in 1559 on the banks of Lake Pichola, the HRH Group is preserving royal palaces as 'heritage grand hotels' and offering authentic regal experiences on island-palaces and historic venues. 

Padmaj is the Executive Director-Business Development of the HRH Group. The Chairman and Managing Director of HRH Group is her father, Shriji Arvind Singh Mewar whose illustrious family are the custodians of the former State of Mewar since 734 A.D.

Now living in Boston after getting married, Padmaja is enhancing the business presence of the HRH Group in the United States, Latin American countries, and in the European Union through active participation in global travel marts and trade shows.


The NextWomen Generations & Family Business Theme.

Kourtney Ratliff is a Partner at Loop Capital, a full-service investment bank, brokerage and advisory firm providing capital solutions for corporate, governmental and institutional entities across the globe. Since 1997, Loop Capital has grown from a Chicago municipal bond firm with a staff of six to a global investment services firm employing more than 180 professionals.

As Head of the firm's Global Equity Division, she is responsible for managing all aspects of the division's institutional new business development, relationship management and trading with accounts ranging in size from less than $100 million to over $3 trillion under management.  

Kourtney oversees all brand building efforts at Loop Capital and participates in decisions regarding firm-wide strategy and growth including spearheading the firm's expansion into the global markets.

Nilufer Durak is the COO of Solvoyo, a Boston based software company with a significant presence in Istanbul.

Solvoyo offers the cloud-based Solvoyo Elevation Platform, a supply chain planning solution which simplifies how its customers’ supply chains are leveraged by the businesses they support, making supply chain proficiency immediately available for every company. 

Solvoyo formed with the purpose to architect from the ground up, leveraging next generation technologies; a singular platform to address every supply chain challenge.

As the COO of Solvoyo, Nilufer is responsible for the Global Operations on a day-to-day basis. with special focus on design, development and implementation of processes to provide superior product experience to Solvoyo customers around the world.

Before joining Solvoyo, Nilufer worked for 18 years at a senior level for US multinationals in the financial services industry. Specialties include M&A, Risk Management, Business Development, Talent Management, Process and Project Management.

The NextWomen Technology Theme.

Tech Insights is a new series where we speak to experts in the DWEN community about hot technology topics.

A fabulous array of speakers has been announced for the fourth annual Dell Women’s Entrepreneur Network Event, which is taking place from June 2-4 in Turkey and unites top women entrepreneurs from around the globe. For those who can't be there in person, live streaming will be available for a global, virtual audience.

The Dell Women’s Entrepreneur Network global event, co-sponsored by Intel, is an exclusive, invitation-only conference that will connect over 150 of the world’s top female entrepreneurs plus business leaders and media to share insights and best practice as part of a vibrant entrepreneurial community. 

Tech Insights is a new series where we speak to experts in the DWEN community about hot technology topics.

Joana Picq (left) and Susan Feldman are maximising the power of mobile for their businesses

Tech Insights is a new series where we speak to experts in the DWEN community about hot technology topics. Forthcoming articles will cover Social Media and Data Management & Security. Click here to read the first article about doing business in the Cloud. 

This second article in the series shares the knowledge of Mobility experts and entrepreneurs Joana Picq and Susan Feldman.

The mobile tech revolution not only increases productivity by enabling the next generation workforce to securely work from anywhere, anytime and on any device, but it allows consumers to make purchases on-the-go. Joana and Susan have both been harnessing the full power of the mobile revolution to grow their businesses.