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Magdalena Bak-Maier, trained neuroscientist, coach and author speaks to The Next Women about Heart and Mind Fusion.

Exploring the case for therapy as a performance and profit improver in business.

The NextWomen is happy to provide information on balancing love and work through knowledge partner 

For anyone who has a hectic work life, finding the time to date is a challenge. It can be tempting to put the search for love on the back burner while you wait for the time when you’re less busy. The trouble is that time may never come and the hunt for the ideal partner can be a long one.

How do you balance growing a love life with a demanding career?

Like a lot of entrepreneurs, are you constantly and frantically busy, running on coffee during the day and a few glasses of wine in the evenings, at networking events or to try relax at home after a hectic day? Alisa Burke looks at some small lifestyle changes which will make a real difference to your wellbeing. 

What is the cost to you and your business of compromising your wellbeing? What can you do about it?

Years ago I remember pondering why, despite being successful, I just didn’t feel as happy as I assessed other people seemed to be. Years later I heard another coach speak of ‘self sacrificing overachievers’ - what a great description, and yep, that used to be me!

The question I would like to ask is is it you? Are you so focused on your career goals and balancing your work and outside of work life that you feel you are running on ‘vapour’ perhaps relying on caffeine as an ‘upper’ and wine to unwind? This may be allowing you to achieve (for now); but what are the are costs in the long term to your health, happiness and business sustainability?

The NextWomen is happy to be able to provide information on the dangers of a stressful working life through knowledge partner Blossoms Healthcare.

If you have a stressful job it might cause you sleepless nights and headaches due to the pressure. However, according to a recent study your job could also be increasing your risk of conditions such as raised blood pressure. Therefore, it is paramount that you talk to your manager, a medical practitioner, or get yourself a health assessment if you feel that your day-to-day work-load is becoming too stressful.

After having battled years of weight gain and weight loss, I finally felt in control of a healthy lifestyle in 2005. However, during the days of working in Marketing in the corporate world, I found myself distracted with my daily fitness routine. I wanted to make sure I was in the forefront of experiencing all the top fitness classes NYC had to offer. Soon enough, I decided to get certified in a variety of fitness modalities—which was by far one of the best decisions I ever made. Yet, it wasn’t enough.

 In 2006, I quit my job and went back to school to become a Registered Dietitian and obtain a Masters of Science in Clinical Nutrition from NYU. Just to be clear, this career transition was far from ‘easy,’ but somehow I woke up excited, passionate, and finally felt a vision coming to fruition. My goal of pursuing a more meaningful career was steps closer to attainment.

I was working at Cornell Presbyterian for a residency in clinical nutrition and one of my good friends, Michelle Velasquez, approached me with the concept of cataloguing New York City’s fitness options so that users could find fitness easy. I remember my frustrations during my stints volunteering as well as during my interactions with patients who were in the hospital for heart disease, diabetes and obesity – as one of their largest excuses was always, “I don’t know where to look or I don’t know how to find something near me.”  

Home isnt necessarily the family house with a blinking Christmas tree, nor the place you collect your mail. It's the space where us entrepreneurs go back to our roots to rest our ever-inventing-minds and simply breathe.

The concept of rest, is usually the thing us The Next Women do in the time before the plane takes off and our itching fingers turn the laptop on at cruising altitude. Its the time we have as the quick-dry nail polish hardens and taxi pulls up for an event. The time between shower turning on and the water getting steamy hot. These are the nano-rest moments us entrepreneurs  us give ourselves to rest.

But ladies, it's not rest. Neither is that half day you pretend to take off with your girlfriends (and keep working in the back of your head).

The NextWomen Finance Theme.

Hannah Foxley is Founder of The Women's Wealth Expert, a company she created to help women protect themselves financially, particularly in the case of illness. Hannah founded her business after going through a year of breast cancer treatment during which she had cancer twice.

She has been in the financial services industry since 1999 and has been an adviser for 10 years, gaining the highest qualifications in the industry. However, Hannah didn't take her own advice and had no financial protection meaning that she had to work through all of her treatment to keep the roof over my head. This was hugely stressful and made worse by less than supportive colleagues. 

Getting cancer back was Hannah’s epiphany moment and she decided that she no longer wanted to be employed and wanted to ensure that no woman suffers the way she did because she didn't protect herself financially and Hannah is on a mission to spread this message. She also wants to ensure women have proper financial planning advice from someone they can trust (which isn't usually a male IFA), so that they create their own financial freedom. So Hannah took the huge risk of setting up on her own with no clients, enough money to last until Christmas and a whole lot of passion and drive. Hannah’s website

Nas Amir-Ahmadi, MY Food Founder, talks to guest author Lucy Appleton of her passion for food and fashion... 

Nas founded MY Food, the nationwide luxury diet delivery service in 2004. Nas was born in Iran and ventured to the UK with her family. Growing up in Hampshire, she describes her mother’s passion for food and the important part that preparing and eating meals played in family life as her inspiration, not just for her business, but her own love of cooking. Nas explains, “Cooking is very relaxing, and is seen by Middle Eastern and Asian cultures not as a stressful chore, but an enjoyable activity that bonds the entire family.”

However, with the pressures of modern day western life, this is simply not feasible for everybody.

Prior to founding MY Food, Nas’ fledging business was as an independent fashion designer specialising in bespoke casual clothing. The UK manufactured line featured unique styles with each one made to measure. It is clear that for Nas, life has always been about making women feel good about themselves. However, since MY Food’s growth, it is now men too who have Nas to thank for slimmer waistlines, enlightened palettes and a healthy glow.

Forget power naps or coffee. Do this for better focus.

All entrepreneurs know the feeling that there just aren't enough hours in the day. Or the hopelessness which sets in when you're working to a deadline and finishing seems impossible.

What I'm about to suggest sounds counter-intuitive.  But the times that this tip seems impossible to follow is when you need it the most.

When you're feeling overwhelmed, take a 5 minute mindfulness break.