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Women in senior management Renata Akhunova investigates Russia’s executive business positions which have been filled by women, and suggests how women worldwide could emulate their success.


Nirai Melis talks to The NextWomen about her research investigating the role that newspapers play in damaging women’s chances of having a successful career or business.

Geri Stengel the president of content marketing and market research company Ventureneer, introduces The NextWomen to her book, Forget the Glass Ceiling, which hopes to provide women entrepreneurs with practical advice on how to start and grow companies.

The newly released Dell-sponsored Gender-Global Entrepreneurship and Development Index (GEDI) revealed that more than 75% of the 30 countries surveyed are not providing the most fundamental conditions required for female entrepreneurs to prosper. Even more troubling, emerging economies are much further behind than advanced economies in creating the conditions that enable businesses founded by women to thrive. 

The report correctly directs policy makers and institutions to work on improving conditions for female entrepreneurs on several fronts, simultaneously. In the interim, what actions can you personally take to enable your own business success?

Identifying your strengths can help you to thrive professionally. Misty Gibbs examines the differences between being an entrepreneur and a business owner, sharing with The NextWomen the reasons why it is crucial to know which category you fit into, and how this can help your business.

Problems often provide a chance to improve your business. Bev James shares with The NextWomen her tip for how to respond to problems in business when they arise by remembering the 6 Rs – Recognise, Rationalise, Read, Review, Retest and Re-invent – explaining how this method can help solve issues and enable success.

Lana Larder of The NextWomen considers the importance of identifying and protecting your company’s most valuable assets, discussing the issue with Mary Juetten, founder of Traklight, a software product which helps business owners protect their ideas.

Charles Hylton-Potts explains the basics of EU data protection law. In a series of articles, Charles Hylton-Potts, a lawyer based in London, covers a range of legal topics relevant to establishing a business in the EU. Click here to check out his previous article.

More innovative financing options, such as crowdfunding, are now available to entrepreneurs worldwide. A new breed of entrepreneurs is emerging.

Akosua Dardaine Edwards, founder of the Enabling Enterprise Project, examines some of the recent trends within entrepreneurship, considering the rise in female entrepreneurs, the increasing and more innovative financing methods available, and the rise of social entrepreneurship.

Over the last decade, entrepreneurship has come to the fore, not simply as a means of job creation and reviving the economy, but also as a means of introducing new ways of thinking and problem solving. Some experts have also suggested that entrepreneurship ought to be a way of life.

Denise Colella is the CEO of Maxifier, the global leader in programmatic premium optimization. Denise Colella, CEO of programmatic premium optimization company Maxifier, talks to The NextWomen about the negative and positive aspects to being a woman in a male-dominated industry, drawing on her own experiences of working in the technology industry.