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Hiring Tips for Fledgling Start-UpsOne of the most exciting aspects of starting up a new business is creating the talented team that will help you flourish.

Markus Wilson, Co-Founder of London based video production company Phink TV talks to The Next Women about launching your brand through video.

Mark Edwards gives The NextWomen expert advice and top tips on perfecting your business plan and securing key investors. 

Is being a perfectionist a bonus in business? Bev James considers...

How do you decide which of those invitations to networking events, to accept? Alyssa Jade McDonald discusses...

Paige Hawin discusses the business case for Board gender diversity.

William Buist, CEO of Abelard and Founder of xTEN Club discusses why businesses are looking in the wrong places when it comes to problem solving.

Geri Stengel the president of content marketing and market research company Ventureneer, introduces The NextWomen to her book, Forget the Glass Ceiling, which hopes to provide women entrepreneurs with practical advice on how to start and grow companies.

YouNoodle.ComStartup Noise

It is a well-known fact that startup competitions are growing at a high rate globally. From incubators and accelerators to corporations fostering their own competitions, the hunt for disruptive technological ideas seems to be endless. In a world of startup noise, how are interested parties finding prototypes of what really matters? Adriana Galue investigates.

Misty W. Gibbs explores whether you need to fail or whether you just need a first draft...

Fail fast and fail hard. Fail early and fail often. This message is drummed into aspiring entrepreneurs, almost like a badge of honor. The essence of the idea makes sense; you need to make mistakes to learn. And mistakes are unavoidable – you WILL make them. I have yet to meet an entrepreneur or businessperson who doesn’t have an answer to: ‘If I knew then what I know now…’