Ritika Bajaj, founder of MeritC2 - Creatives and Communications Ritika Bajaj shares with The NextWomen her top seven key tools for entrepreneurial success, drawing on her own experiences of starting up her own enterprise, design and content house MeritC2 - Creatives and Communications

Skills CFA, the UK’s largest provider, registration and certification authority for apprenticeships and worked based education, were delighted not only with the sheer numbers of apprentices graduating at this year’s Advanced and Higher Business Skills ceremony, which took place on Wednesday 19th November at the Central Hall Westminster, but also with their guest speakers who awarded the graduates.

Maleka Dattu Creator and Founder, MERUMAYA Integrative Effective Skincare®and 2014 Specsavers everywoman in Retail Ambassador talks to The Next Women about her journey from employment to successful entrepreneur. 

Jemma CaldwellJemma Caldwell, founder of Tanami, encourages The Next Women readers to take the plunge into the business world.

One of the most rewarding experiences that a business owner can have is welcoming a brand new employee to their staff. In most cases, new employees being added to the fold is a sign that the business is growing in more ways than one – especially when it comes to the increasing demand of its customers.

Alyssa Jade McDonald-Bärtl talks to Manuela Rehn, founder of GrüneKöpfe, a popular Berlin-based food consultancy specialising in organic and ethical food systems, about how the concept of food has changed over the years.

One of the largest surveys of business angels in the UK has reported an increase in the proportion of women business angels. 

Vivian SaywardVivian Sayward talks to The Next Women about her success story and shares some of the great tips she has learned on her journey.

An interview with Purple Plant Blends Founder Heather Scott, discussing how she created her unique product meets service model amid fierce competition to now being the most popular SF Bay Area smoothie company that serves in-house to tech giants like Square, Craigslist and Skype.

Once again, there’s a slow down in the global economy. I know a way we can mitigate that decline. Get more women in the workforce! In fact, this is BEST moment in time for millions of women graduating from universities in emerging economies to find or create jobs in their countries.