Ritika Bajaj, founder of MeritC2 - Creatives and Communications Ritika Bajaj shares with The NextWomen her top seven key tools for entrepreneurial success, drawing on her own experiences of starting up her own enterprise, design and content house MeritC2 - Creatives and Communications

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Kate Lewis, Commercial Director At Frog.Frog is a leading education technology solutions provider. Kate Lewis, Frog's Commercial Director kindly talked to Adriana Galue of her rise in becoming one of the leading figures at Frog, within an industry almost entirely dominated by men.

With her vast experience spanning across several countries and working for some of the sector’s biggest businesses, Kate has helped shape a company that now has an annual revenue of £9.5m, offering learning tools to over 12million students, teachers and parents worldwide. 

Estelle Ah-Kiow writes...

For Farah Mohamed, creating G(irls)20 was a natural way to blend her passion for the economic empowerment of women and girls with her vast experience in the political arena.

Paige Hawin discusses the business case for Board gender diversity.

Patricia Baronowski-SchneiderPatricia Baronowski-Schneider, President and Founder of Pristine Advisers, talks to The Next Women about leaving a secure job and taking a leap into the unknown.

Verna GibbsDina Yuen was lucky enough to catch up with SheHeroes co-founder Dr. Sophia Yen and Director Pia Guerrero to get more insight into how this non-profit startup functions and vitally, encourages young women to enter traditionally "male" careers.

In this article, founder of We Are Parable, Teanne Andrews asks 'Ever met a new business prospect and felt 100 per cent inspired afterwards?'

William Buist, CEO of Abelard and Founder of xTEN Club discusses why businesses are looking in the wrong places when it comes to problem solving.

Women LEAD is the first and only leadership development organization for adolescent girls in Nepal.In this article, Megan Foo, Editorial Assistant and Regular Contributor of The NextWomen, discusses problems that stem from the leadership gap in developing countries, and spotlights the untiring efforts of Women LEAD - a nonprofit organization that empowers adolescent girls to be leaders - to close this gap in Nepal.