Business Advice Programme


The NextWomen Business Advice Programme shares the knowledge and experience of our network’s experts, The NextAdvisors with the next generation of entrepreneurs and business leaders .

The Programme is available in monthly and one-off packages to The NextWomen community.

Why the Advice Programme? More than a free mentoring coffee

The NextWomen reaches over 50,000 women through our networks and community, on and offline. We’ve held many Kitchen Dinners, pitch events, networking events and workshops. At each event we have addressed women leading, founding and investing in online tech and business startups, and 1000s of you have approached us (and our speakers) for a coffee or breakfast and some advice.

Initially we launched our ever-popular Kitchen Dinner Series to provide women with the opportunity to find this advice in relaxed surroundings.  After the success of our dinners, we began to think more about a structured advice programme, whereby as many of you as possible could benefit from the best advice we could provide.

We have invited some great advisors onboard who are all excited to be able to offer their time and experience. Keep an eye out in the coming weeks and months for more high profile entrepreneurs, investors and experts being added to our team of NextAdvisors.

Who Can Apply?

Anyone can apply for the Business Advice Programme. Once we've assessed your requirements, The NextWomen will match you to a suitable NextAdvisor, based on your needs and their expertise. We will make every effort to place you with the most relevant NextAdvisor, but as our advice team is made up of busy professionals, they reserve the right to accept or decline you. Therefore, your application may not necessarily result in your enrolment in the Programme. 

What Will be Covered in the Programme?

This programme will be especially worthwhile for entrepreneurs and professionals looking for support in the following areas:

  • Starting a business
  • Business planning
  • Leadership and management
  • Marketing and PR
  • Sales and business developement
  • International business development
  • Partnerships and alliances
  • Monetisation of websites or apps
  • Web development and design
  • Mobile
  • Legal
  • HR and recruitment
  • Finance
  • Fund raising and pitching
  • Networking and contact building

How Can I Apply?

Please fill in the survey located here. The survey does not oblige you to accept advice, but only provides you and us with the information required to be able to start the programme, if you accept the terms & conditions.

Want to Become a NextAdvisor?

Contact Simone Brummelhuis, CEO, The NextWomen: simone[at]