About Us

What is The Next Women


We bring news on business, events, funding and tech from a female angle and interview and profile Female Business Heroes, making them notable and quotable. We are a business magazine for women which has substance, to give them quality business news, how to and thought-provoking content. Focus is on early stage and growing business, be it in the media, service, retail, communication or any other industry, with a tech or internet angle - from Silicon Valley to Europe, Latin America, Africa and Asia.

The Next Women interviews many founding entrepreneurs, female internet heroes and business experts, concentrating on the process of founding a business, finding capital and overcoming business challenges.


The Next Women has a database of female founders, CxOs and VCs of successful internet companies, which is updated daily. The Next Women further informs, supports and connects through its international network of high-growth entrepreneurs, investors and supporting business consultants.

How are we different?

The NextWomen is a Media Brand: an information & news based platform, for female business leaders and decision makers in many industry sectors, including internet & technology. We are foremost an Media Brand with services, licenses, events and more.

We know and attract company founders CEOs, CXOs, and entrepreneurs, and women in leadership roles in ambitious companies across al continents. We also connect with VCs, business angels and others investors, as well as professional service firms supporting the NextWomen community.