About Us

Skyler McCurine

Skyler McCurine is a wild hearted mogul in the making. She revitalizes her clients’ sense of self through her brave beauty of a business, Le Red Balloon. Her company guides the world to confidence through style, compassion, and a large helping of humour. Her interactive seminars for young women on body image, anti-bullying, and empowerment explain why her nick name is, The Oprah of Personal Shopping. Le Red Balloon is the fervent removal of life’s tarnish, revealing the singular brilliance that lies within every individual, showcasing its lustre in the way it deserves to be seen. At 26 Skyler hopes to see herself in Forbes Magazine, empowering women to love themselves, others, and impact the world. She spends her spare time refurbishing vintage suitcases and has been known to partake in copious amounts of champagne.