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Megan Foo

Megan Foo is a Year 13 student at Chinese International School in Hong Kong. She has written often about issues in gender and education on online platforms like Girls’ Globe and VolunTEEN Nation. As well as being a regular contributor for The Next Women, she has recently joined the team as Editorial Assistant - a role through which she hopes to raise awareness of women’s entrepreneurial initiatives, economic empowerment, and social enterprises in the developing world. Having been involved with many initiatives including raising funds for family violence intervention training for adolescent girls in Guatemala, Megan is the Chief Content Officer of Givology, an online giving marketplace that leverages dollar donations to grassroots education projects in the developing world through a crowdfunding philanthropy business model. 

Megan is also the President of the Hong Kong Chapter of Women LEAD, a peer-led, creativity-focused nonprofit that provides women’s leadership development training and advocacy in Nepal. When not volunteering, Megan enjoys running cross country, travelling, and reading about issues in STEM and economics.