Tina Wells - Understand and market to Millenials

Tina Wells has always had an entrepreneurial spirit. She founded Buzz Marketing Group in 1996 when she was only 16 and is now the owner of an award-winning media communication agency. Through her entrepreneurial journey with a B.A in Communications and authoring 2 books, Tina has been awarded several times as a great professional and trendsetter.
The American agency has become a reference in the media communication world since it focuses on specific audiences: the Millenial Generation, Moms and Multicultural consumers.

Why “the Millenials”?

Be careful! The under 35 year old who were born and raised in the digital era represent an incredible consumer force for every start-up, but you need to learn how to approach them. 18 years in the industry helped Tina build an incredible network of 30,000 “buzzSpoters” across the world. Believe us, she knows exactly how to target them and how to be aware of the latest trends amongst this ever-changing audience.

The Innovation Summit is your chance to hear her talk on how to target the famous Millenials. It could be a turning point in the evolution of your start-up and through your entrepreneurial adventure!

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