Hashtag Collective: Breathing A Fresh Lease Of Life Into Menswear.

Hashtag Collective was born in the leafy suburbs of North LondonAdele Woodthorpe of Woodthorpe Comms introduces Lorraine White of Hashtag Collective; a new men’s fashion brand, that gives emerging designers and artists a place to showcase their talent. Founded by husband and wife team Paul and Lorraine White, The Hashtag emblem represents strength, confidence and individualism.

My husband and I met at university and entered adulthood together! We know each other inside out.  Two years ago, my husband and I decided that we would enter into business together.

In the autumn of 2011, we put our minds together and over a cup of tea, we came up with the concept of a business venture that we would enter into together.  That day was the beginning of our journey as entrepreneurs and more specifically as business partners.

Style has always been an integral part of both our lives. More specifically, quality, tailoring, and customer service have always been fundamental to clothing and style purchases we make and we like to blend key designer pieces with high-end quality high-street pieces for our ‘go-to’ looks. This is what inspired us to start our own brand that focuses on doing just that.

Our brand, Hashtag Collective was born in the leafy suburbs of North London, with the aim of breathing a fresh lease of life into menswear. 

We combine quality garments, with unique designs and luxury packaging to create an experience that the customer won’t forget in a hurry! 

All Hashtag Collective t-shirts are made of a blend of bamboo and cotton, resulting in a soft luxurious feel and a breathable garment. Each garment is presented in a black sleek gift box. We exist for the fashion conscious male that takes pride in his appearance, who likes to look good, but also values good service.

We have worked with creative talent across the length and breadth of the UK from London and Plymouth to Scotland and we very much support young emerging talent to join us as part of the Hashtag Collective journey.

Managing a business relationship, together with a marriage has worked well for us, but it hasn’t always been plain sailing.

We’ve had to adopt tips and tricks over the years to make it work for us and to ensure a healthy balance in both relationships.

One of the key things for us is to always remember why we started this venture, but most importantly, to never forget that the primary relationship we have to maintain is our original relationship (our marriage). We ensure that we make time for our personal lives and crucially that as best possible we keep business and pleasure very separate.  We use emails, online diaries, drop boxes and instant messaging tools to manage our working life. This helps to keep us both organised and aligned.

We remain respectful of each other at all times and fully encourage each other through out our ventures, keeping communication channels open at all times,

We are also very open and honest with each other, you have to be in business.  If something isn’t working, we tell each other!  It sometimes bruises egos, but ultimately we keep the business at the heart of our decisions and that always makes decision making easier when we have differing opinions.

We find it important to remain a united front and keep each other motivated. Inevitably one of us has our down days and the other is always there to pick that person up and to keep things ticking along with the business.

Most importantly, we have fun!  It’s a challenging, but uniquely enjoyable and exhilarating experience and we enjoy sharing in the experience together.

Created in London in 2012 by Paul and Lorraine White, the Hashtag Collective aims to refresh menswear by giving emerging designers and artists a place to showcase their talent. The debut collection Essence of London features a range of t-shirts designed by artist Olly Howe. 

Adele Woodthorpe is the MD and founder of Woodthorpe Comms, the London-based luxury and lifestyle PR agency with an offering of targeted and strategic PR campaigns, social and digital media consulting and brand ambassador engagement. Adele graduated from The Surrey institute or Art and Design with a BA Hons in Fashion Promotion and Illustration. Passionate about brands and PR, nine years on she is running her own agency, with a team of five, based in Central London. 

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