Book Review: 'Be Brilliant Everyday' by Andy Whittaker and Andy Cope

Andy Whittaker and Andy CopeBe Brilliant Everyday is a down to earth, somewhat irreverent, practical collection of distilled pearls of wisdom collected from the relentlessly expanding sphere of self-help.

The advice is human and realistic and is very much a departure from the often touted, “all your problems solved route to health, wealth and happiness" material so prevalent in this genre.

Just a word of warning, this book is written by not one, but two "blokes" from the North of England. They are down to earth and have quite a "blokey" sense of humour. I actually found it very refreshing, that it hadn't been depersonalised for the female audience, so there is a very honest feel about the book.

Rather than present a far-fetched paradigm shift in consciousness, the Andy's responsible for this work set out to have their readership be more happy more of the time. Which is a little more achievable than feeling boundlessly joyful and optimistic all the time, and considerably less irritating to those around them. 

The book is full of useful and easy to follow examples of how to be the most awesome version of you a bit more often, without ever, becoming sanctimonious or preachy.  It doesn't offer a shortcut to enlightenment or unlimited wealth, but with lashings of dry humour and plenty of common sense, it lifts the mood and has you chuckling at yourself and the elaborate way we all trap ourselves in the cult of busy.

For me this is wisdom that somehow simultaneously channels Tyler Durden of "Fight Club" with Monty Python at the peak of their powers. At the very least it will make your life better while you are reading it.

Maila Reeves is the former UK Editor of The Next Women and was responsible for the Pitch Events in the UK. She has done tremendous work in getting the brand across and organizing the events in the UK. She has since then moved on, but continues to liaise with The Next Women by contributing to its editorial mission.

Maila used to be a lawyer with Norton Rose, and is an investor. She is passionate about making the business environment better for both men and women.

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