Book Review: Celebrity Authors' Secrets by Stephanie J. Hale

Stephanie J. HaleMaila Reeves reviews Celebrity Authors' Secrets, a new book by Stephanie J. Hale.

Stephanie J. Hale gives us a fascinating view into the practice and process of some of the worlds’ most popular and prolific authors, in a series of insightful interview transcripts.

What is perhaps most interesting about this collection is that whilst the authors are very different and encompass a broad range of genres and writing styles, there are definite under-pinning themes which radiate out from the literary world. 

Without exception, the writers are tenacious and persistent, and all have clearly defined, and adhered to, routines and work structures.

They all do things differently, but they all display a high degree of self-awareness, knowing exactly what enables them to deliver and keep delivering.

Perhaps unsurprisingly, they all allude to a lifetime of avid reading, and that this is an essential part of being a good writer. Another aspect they all have in common is that they love and respect what they do, and self-deprecatingly believe that that is what drives their creativity and talent.... with the notable exception of Jeffrey Archer who believes he has a god given talent as a storyteller.....

This book is a highly interesting read in its own right, but I think it will particularly resonate with those involved in project leading or entrepreneurial endeavours.

Budding writers will learn some useful tips for how to get their work written, published and noticed, but entrepreneurs, leaders and C-suite executives can learn valuable lessons from the ability of these authors to self-manage and ensure longevity of performance throughout their career.

Maila Reeves was the former UK Editor of The Next Women and responsible for the Pitch Events in the UK. She has done tremendous work in supporting the brand and organizing the events in the UK. She continues to contribute to The Next Women on a regular basis.

Maila used to be a lawyer with Norton Rose and is an investor. She is passionate about making the business environment better for both men and women.

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