Introducing The Next Women ‘CROWD FUND’

Did you know that women entrepreneurs who get their business funded are 12% more efficient than male entrepreneurs, using an average of 33% less capital? In addition, the number of women with freely available assets totalling more than €1 million is growing. This untapped potential in female investors and entrepreneurs is the reason why the Next Women have started a new fund, “The Next Women Crowd Fund”. It is the first fund that combines the power of crowdfunding with growth companies run by women.

The Next Women is launching the fund in partnership with - the crowdfunding platform for social and sustainable initiatives.

Crowdfunding is a form of financing where a financing request is made to a large group of people. With their input, from small to large amounts, they bring together the required amount of capital. The platform offers different forms of financing including loans and subordinated convertible loans.

Of all the projects that qualify, the Fund will invest 10% of the amount requested through The Next Women Crowd Fund. This will only happen if the female entrepreneurs succeed in their crowdfunding campaign on as this is the ultimate proof of belief in the proposition. An investor committee of The Next Women Crowd Fund will review additional projects on a case by case basis.

Through The Next Women fund, investors have the opportunity to spread their investment across multiple projects and thereby reduce their risk.

It is a springboard for starting investors who want to know more about interesting propositions, and will simultaneously stimulate entrepreneurial start-ups.

The Next Women Crowd Fund will initially organize twice yearly meeting with its investors, while the entrepreneurs who are funded through The Next Women Crowd Fund are invited to present their company and the results achieved. There will be an opportunity for networking. 

Interested investors or entrepreneurs can apply here or

One Planet Crowd (OPC) aims to promote innovative ways of consumer financing for both experienced entrepreneurs and start - ups in sustainable consumer products and services. Oneplanetcrowd are aiming at building a better planet and they also have projects in the socio-political domain, such as preserving cultural heritage, social cohesion, fair trade, health and education. 

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