What Are The Top 5 Business Locations Across The Globe?

Singapore is fast becoming recognised as a gateway to the rest of Asia by businesses looking to grow globally. John McHugh, Property Marketing Manager at MAG Property the property and development arm of leading UK airport operator Manchester Airports Group, talks to The NextWomen about some of the best business cities in the world, and what they offer to the business owners who decide to locate their companies within them.

Choosing the right location for your business can be one of the most crucial decisions you have to make. Whether looking to start up, relocate or expand an organisation, the setting you select can impact on the overall performance of your business, with the right location often helping companies to grow and succeed.

The environment that you do decide upon should be consistent with your brand, while serving to enhance your reputation. Meanwhile, it must provide you with exposure to the right clients, offer good connectivity and also be entirely suitable for your financial circumstances.

Inspiration for your Next Business Location

Across the globe, there are a diverse number of business cities that are growing and retaining companies while also attracting talented professionals looking for employment.

For the owners of start-ups, small businesses and global corporations, we have named five of the best business destinations we believe would be beneficial to invest in over the next few years.

New York, USA

An ideal business environment for female entrepreneurs and business owners, New York saw a 57.9% growth in women led companies across a 13 year period between 1997 and 2011.

The city has a strong entrepreneurial environment and great confidence in start ups, with many loans being granted to those with innovative business ideas. It is most famous for being a global business centre with great influence, where organisations are able to develop a strong profile and connections through being part of such a leading business environment.

London, UK

Being home to many students from the UK and abroad, London businesses have access to top talent, while the Capital City is also a magnet for highly skilled young professionals from across Europe.

The city has shown great resilience following the financial crisis, with steady output and employment growth indicating that businesses are still confidently investing in London.

Its global status and competitiveness, as well as recent investments in infrastructure, are just some of the reasons why companies are making the decision to base themselves here.

Toronto, Canada

While London, New York and Paris are recognised as the three best business cities, Toronto has the building blocks of an exceptional international city. The emerging business environment is a good choice for organisations wanting a competitive advantage, as it has plenty of export opportunities and low overall business costs, as well as a skilled, multilingual workforce.

Being an entrepreneurial and innovative environment with great economic strength, Toronto has become a haven for start-ups.

Practically untouched by the recession, there are many incentives in place to help companies flourish in the city, such as support programmes and low business taxes.

Austin, Texas

Recently emerging as a technology and small business hub, Austin offers low personal income taxes, as well as city property taxes, predictable regulations and hassle free business licensing requirements to businesses situated in the city.

The incentives are leading to more and more businesses choosing to expand in or relocate to the city.

During 2013, there was more migration from the rest of the USA to the region than at any other time over the past five years, adding to the already thriving business environment in the city.


Singapore is fast becoming recognised as a gateway to the rest of Asia by businesses looking to grow globally. 

Good for trade and developing business connections throughout South East Asia, the city-state offers good investment potential for larger companies wanting to expand further afield.

The city also offers good value for money on rental properties, as well as incentives such as tax credits for large employers and start-ups, which is causing more businesses to head to the city state in order to make the most of the opportunities available. 

New international business projects

Business owners wanting to situate themselves within a landmark location can also look to become part of office, industrial and logistics development opportunities at Airport City, an international business project located near Manchester Airport.

Being globally connected and easily accessible, with development opportunities available for businesses across all sectors, the economic hub offers companies the chance to enhance their business reputation, client base and overseas connections.

Image courtesy of wiangya/FreeDigitalPhotos.net

John McHugh is Property Marketing Manager at MAG Property, the property and development arm of leading UK airport operator Manchester Airports Group. He is responsible for the marketing activity at Airport City, the £800m landmark development, and also across a £571m mixed-use commercial portfolio comprising over 250 properties with 1,000 customers.

McHugh joined MAG Property from North West property business Bruntwood. As Marketing Manager, he managed and implemented successful marketing campaigns for its Manchester, Leeds and Birmingham portfolios. In his current role at MAG Property, McHugh leads the branding and marketing strategy for its £571 million property portfolio over Manchester, London Stansted, East Midlands and Bournemouth airports and Airport City Manchester. He is also responsible for enhancing the digital presence, developing marketing collateral and managing relationships with both advertising and creative agencies.

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