The Power of Perseverance in Business

Natalie Panek - Persistence teaches us how to do things better and learn from our mistakes.Natalie Panek explains the importance of persistence in business.

Persistence is one of the most powerful avenues to success. It allows us to forge ahead through challenges, but more importantly, it teaches us the power of failure and how to recover.

My experiences working with technology have taught me that oftentimes success requires patience, achieved through the art of persistence. Whether building a solar-powered car, working on a mission to Mars, or engineering robotic arms to repair broken satellites in space, I have learned that patience usually leads to reward and failure often has advantages.

To make each of our initiatives better than the last and appreciate each one even more because of the hard work that is necessary for improvement.

Working in the Aerospace industry proves first-hand the value of failing hard, failing a lot, and the sweetness of success that follows; essentially developing the resources to develop a ‘tool belt’ of skills and experiences that can help achieve dreams. Oftentimes this is a direct result of creating your own opportunities; and any entrepreneur, inventor, or innovator can appreciate this.

Whether searching for contacts or mentors, or scouting for funding, perseverance can often be the ace up your sleeve.

This type of determination is a trait well-learned and leads to experiences that can define the rest of your life. Among other opportunities, persistence landed me two internships at NASA before my full-time job, which were extraordinary because of the dynamic relationships developed and the challenge of being surrounded by like-minded and driven peers. Sometimes you luck out on opportunities because you were bold enough to fail; and then it all comes down to persevering, persisting, and having the patience to find that path to success.

Success is a lot like a teeter totter. For a large portion of your life, you are on one side – working hard, creating opportunities, and facing challenges head-on. But there is a point, when the teeter totter tips the other way. There is no doubt that on the other side you still have to put your nose to the grindstone, but opportunities will likely also come looking for you.

No matter how much we desire success, there is no escaping the power of perseverance in business.

This is how we can innovate, create change, and become fearless leaders with the power to revolutionize the world.

Perseverance allows us to push beyond conceived limitations, and most importantly facilitate powerful avenues to innovation and discovery.

Natalie Panek is a robotic operator and aerospace engineer at MDA Space Missions, previously interning at NASA Goddard Spaceflight Center and NASA Ames Research Center. She’s driven a solar-powered car across North America, has a pilot’s license, and skydived with Korea’s first Astronaut. With degrees in Mechanical and Aerospace Engineering, Natalie has co-authored papers on Microgravity Combustion and On-orbit Satellite Servicing. She is an advocate for women in STEM, encouraging women to dive head-on into challenging careers. She has spoken at TEDx and on multiple panels for women in tech on the topics of advancement, leadership, and space exploration.

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