Top 10 Takeaways From Lara Morgan's Sales Secrets Conference

Lara Morgan and Griselda Kumordzie TogoboWe interviewed Lara Morgan, British entrepreneur and the Founder of last week. Click here to read the full interview. 

Griselda Kumordzie Togobo recently attended Lara’s Business Accelerator Conference and shares with us here her top 10 takeaways from the session.

I spent last week at the Business Accelerator Conference organised by Lara Morgan, a trail-blazing entrepreneur and the author of the best-selling book, ‘More Balls Than Most’. When you meet Lara, you’ll understand why the title is so befitting!

I first met Lara at Oxford’s Said Business School Conference this summer, where she made a lasting impression on me. Lara started Pacific Direct – a manufacturer and supplier of luxury branded toiletries to the hotel industry - from scratch and later sold it for £20m. She has since co-founded Company Shortcuts with Nicola Cook, to offer simple business principles that will help companies accelerate their growth.

The conference was sales focused, because Lara and Nicola are saleswomen at heart. In fact, Lara was able to grow Pacific Direct because of her relentless pursuit of sales.

She tells the story of how it took her 2 years and 872 calls to win the Forte account which transformed her business. An account that became worth £4m! That is what I call targeted relentless pursuit!

Many people would have given up long before the 872th call!

For those who were unable to attend, my top tips from this conference are below:

  1. Schedule diary time to look at the competition. Buy from them so you can see what they are doing and how well they are doing.
  2. Your receptionist is your most valuable asset. Make sure she is world class, because she is the first person people engage with and her approach will leave a lasting impression.
  3. Know one thing that is special about your business and use that to stand out from the competition.
  4. Don’t be afraid to ask for help. Ask with humility and you’ll be amazed how helpful people can be. 
  5. Stay in control of your cash by knowing exactly where you stand at any point in time.
  6. Goals are like sat navs: they only work when you know where you currently are.
  7. Apply excellence to every part of your business. Never get complacent.
  8. Work on your mind as much as you work on your business, because a lot of business growth challenges are mental.
  9. Marketing without sales is just educating your clients for your competitors, so ensure you capture leads in your sales cycle.
  10. Sell, sell, sell, but resist the urge to close sales too quickly. Take your time and build trust.

The speakers were top notch, and I particularly enjoyed the sessions by the following people:

  • Phil Jones, Managing Director of Brother UK, gave a talk called ‘Think Like A CEO’, which gave some interesting insights into the do's and don’ts of approaching busy executives.
  • Jamie Edwards’ session, ‘Mental Ketchup’, gave some interesting ideas on positive thinking and why it doesn’t seem to work for most people.  
  • Matt Garman’s session on optimising the sales process gave some practical tips on introducing systems into the sales process.
  • Taavet Hinrikus (the first Skype employee!) talked about his new venture, Transferwise, and how they were disrupting the money transfer market to make it more equitable for consumers. More grease to their elbows!
  • Andy Lopata gave a highly energetic and interactive talk on networking that sketched out how not to network!

The content shared on the day was top notch.

Griselda Kumordzie Togobo (ACA, MPhil) is a Business Growth Consultant to independent professionals and small business owners. She specializes in using high-impact but low-cost business growth strategies to improve profitability. She is very passionate about supporting women in business through her educational workshops, seminars and speaking engagements. Griselda runs AWOVI Consulting, a consultancy whose vision is to help business owners increase their profitability, cash flow and productivity.

She also writes on entrepreneurship, personal development and small business management issues for various publications, at her blog and at Huffington Post UK.

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