NextAdvisor Rehmah Kasule: Mentorship is Like a Candle

Rehmah KasuleRehmah Kasule is one of the NextAdvisors signed up to advise our community in our Business Advice Programme. Rehmah is the founder of CEDA International, specializing in mentoring, leadership and social entrepreneurship.

Rehmah has also been running her own marketing agency, Century Marketing, in Uganda for over 14 years, building local and international brands.

A Certified Enterprise Development Consultant, Rehmah is a renowned motivational speaker with a wealth of experience in branding, strategic planning, marketing, financial literacy, gender and leadership. With the vision of “creating a new generation of women leaders” she empowers girls and women to become economically independent and socially responsible.

Rehmah is ready to start advising you on your business. For more details on The Business Advice Programme and to sign up, click here

Rehmah runs special income generating programs for women, youth, people living with HIV/AIDS and rural communities. Her work was recognized at the Presidential Summit on Entrepreneurship hosted by President Barack Obama in Washington DC in 2009. She is the author of  “From Gomba to the White House”, which tells her journey as an African woman entrepreneur who has risen from mere survival to significance. Her program, the Rising Star Mentoring Program won the US State Department Innovation Award and is impacting more than 12,000 girls in secondary schools and universities.

Rehmah is a Winner of The International Alliance for Women, World of Difference 100 Awards 2011 and was named a Woman of Distinction by FAWEU for her leadership in promoting quality education for girls. She is the first woman to join the Buganda Kingdom Parliament as a Special Representative of the Kabaka (the King of Buganda), earning her the prestigious title Owekitibwa (Honourable).

TNW: Tell us about your current role/venture. What’s at the top of your mind with regard to your business?

RK: My business Century Marketing, a branding and marketing firm, has evolved from just being an ad agency to a social enterprise. We have established a consulting arm that specifically looks at strategies including brand strategy, business management systems and financial management systems. Therefore instead of providing the main stream services like other ad agencies, we look at businesses holistically and provide solutions that are sustainable. For example, due to the on-going East African regional integration, we are providing Ugandan companies with brand development and management to enable them compete with other brands within East Africa. The other main component that we are focusing on is mentoring and training for entrepreneurs.

Using my experience as a young entrepreneur who started without guidance, I have included mentorship as a key focus for my business so that more businesses within Africa become competitive and sustainable.

TNW: Which business topics are you most interested in providing advice on?

RK: Personal development for business growth, leadership skills, goal setting, strategic planning, brand development and management, financial literacy, business management systems, and winning in business without losing in life.

TNW: How should a NextAdvisee approach their relationship with you, to get the best out of you?

RK: Emails, skype and telephone are all okay as long as we do pre-planning for at least 2 months.

Mentorship is my passion, I can sacrifice time and mentor someone who is focused and has a dream to grow as an entrepreneur.

TNW: What do you see as the benefits of an advice relationship, for the advisor?

RK: As a mentor/advisor, my skills grow as I talk to other people. Personally it cements my purpose in life and strengthens my legacy when I positively transform another entrepreneur.

TNW: Do you currently have a mentor?

RK: I have 3 main mentors, some are for skills development, others are general. I bounce ideas off them for clarity, direction and sometimes to introduce me to their networks.

TNW: Which business matters have you most needed advice on during your career?

RK: Business management systems for sustainability, work/life balance

TNW: What is the most useful lesson you have learned from a mentor?


 “My networks determine my net worth” therefore I surround myself with positive people and stand on shoulders of giants to see further.

TNW: Who would be your dream mentor in a fantasy world (they can be living or a historical figure)?

RK: Oprah Winfrey

TNW: Is there anything we haven’t asked you, but you would like to share with our community?

RK: “Mentorship is like a candle: one can light many without losing its glow and will thus create more heat and better light.” And 

”If you walk alone, you go very fast, but when you take others with you, you go very far.” 

 Those are my two philosophies for mentoring other people. 

Rehmah is ready to start advising you on your business. For more details on The Business Advice Programme and to sign up, click here

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