Startup Diaries: Michelle Obama, This One’s For You!

Skyler McCurine explains how she felt upon leaving her corporate job; what she learned at a strategic planning workshop; and her plan to get the First Lady’s attention (we hope this article might help!)

I created my business in a Starbucks four years ago. I was sitting in my usual corner table, chugging Chai Latte in the hopes that a caffeine induced haze would help me with my final project for my graduate Business course. 

My final project for this class consisted of a business proposal.  I had a vision of creating a company to help individuals craft their personal brand and message through style. I realized the excitement I felt whilst writing it and wondered if I could really create a business.

I was then in my second year of a cubicle job that was slowly sucking the fire and spirit from my veins. 

I hadn’t been this excited in quite some time and knew that I needed to do something about it. I then asked myself, who’s permission do I need? Why not really start this business?

Killing two birds with one stone, I turned in my paper and started Red Balloon that day, contracting my best friend to make me some business cards via Microsoft Word. I built my portfolio in my small cubicle and started my days as an entrepreneur. 

I have been building my empire, brick my brick. May 10th was my last day at my full-time corporate job, a day that I had eagerly anticipated for four years. The anticipation of my new found freedom made my mouth water and I was ready to be the master of my own schedule. I realized May 9th that I had the unique opportunity and blessing to be my own boss but that also meant everything was up to me. No one was going to wake me up in the morning or follow up on projects that I had accepted.

I started to panic, wondering can I really do this? What in the hell am I thinking?

I started my business, I had the Better Business Revue accreditation, what’s next? My mentor, and Hera Hub Founder, Felena Hanson held a Strategic Planning Workshop, to help entrepreneurs get focused. I realized that  I needed to be specific about my desires, goals, and wants. I needed to be strategic about my partnerships and alliances. I also needed push myself out of my comfort zone; I could no longer use a full-time job as an excuse for being distracted. Felena encouraged me to have a schedule and work on specific projects on certain days. I have created a schedule for myself, I wake up early although I have cheated a few times here and there, workout and then go straight into Hera Hub to do work.

No one will hand you the world you want, you have to build it. 

I have the foundation but everyday continue building; utilizing social marketing to connect with potential clients or writing blog posts just like this one. I have a Living Social Deal (live now) and a Groupon Deal launching early August; this doesn’t mean $$$ but it means connection and the opportunity to introduce my business with people outside of my inner or connecting circles. 

I am continuously looking for avenues through which my message and mission can be shared. That means reaching out to anyone that supports entrepreneurism, startups and dreamers.

I am crazy on social media trying to thank people, follow people, and I am determined to get Michelle Obama’s attention; my goal is to continually tweet her until she answers, hey, you never know!

Owning is a business is the realization that what you are doing is never enough. There are always people to meet, emails to send, thank you cards to write and articles to be reading-- it’s a journey that never ends  so be sure you have really fabulous shoes (with great arch support) to accompany you along the way. 

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Skyler McCurine is a wild hearted mogul in the making. She revitalizes her clients’ sense of self through her brave beauty of a business, Le Red Balloon. Her company guides the world to confidence through style, compassion, and a large helping of humour. Her interactive seminars for young women on body image, anti-bullying, and empowerment explain why her nick name is, The Oprah of Personal Shopping. Le Red Balloon is the fervent removal of life’s tarnish, revealing the singular brilliance that lies within every individual, showcasing its lustre in the way it deserves to be seen. At 26 Skyler hopes to see herself in Forbes Magazine, empowering women to love themselves, others, and impact the world. She spends her spare time refurbishing vintage suitcases and has been known to partake in copious amounts of champagne. 

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